Allen is back!!

One of my favorite player in NBA will return to play next season in Miami Heat next season. Yes! What about that? 3peat is on the way?

Back in high school days, Ray Allen is on of my favorite player, together with Grant Hill. It's nice to hear that he will play again with the big 3 - James, Wade and Bosh.

Better Day in KL

I want to thank the Lord for this wonderful day. After a week of developed haze in the city, now I see the bright day and a clear sky. I really miss this scenery over my window. Some of my neighbors are playing outdoor games (tennis) after the haze. Now the fresh air is almost here though it’s not yet that clear but it’s almost there.

I’m still praying that the better day will come.

Morning view after Haze in KL

Playing outdoor again after Haze

Is it Safe to go in KL, Malaysia?

Despite of the haze is getting worst, is travelling in Malaysia is still safe and possible? Well, for me as long as you are healthy enough the answer is yes but if you are sick or history of asthma or the like I suggest you to stay where you are. The same way to go in Singapore maybe. Haze is not yet so dangerous level in Kuala Lumpur but it is better to be sure than sorry.

Haze: View to Istana Negara KL

Who wants to get sick and fight for illness? No one right???

Now hoping and praying that will last soon as possible. This is not good for us though.

If you still trying to come here in KL, Malaysia please don't forget to wear a supportive mask. Always wash your hands and face and if symptoms persist go to your doctor immediately. Right now, it's better to stay home or in office. 

Be safe everyone!!

Bus Tayo my Kids Favorite

I don't know why my two kids really love to watch bus tayo. I think that's their favorite because every time Bus Tayo start, my kids always do some dancing and jumping while playing the bus tayo introduction.

I'm so happy to see them growing too fast even though I am away from them. Thanks to modern technology I can see them easily.

Here's the proof of their dancing bus tayo entree.

How to Avoid the Effects of Haze?

How to Avoid the Effects of Haze/smog in our Health?

It's  almost a week since haze or smog here in KL are developed and affected our environment. This haze is not safe and unhealthy for us human and maybe for some living things.

Haze/smog is not dangerous for some level but right now what happen in Malaysia and Singapore are not safe I think. Every time I go out I saw the haze that look like a fog and smell like something is burned.

Here are some things to do how to avoid the effects of haze in our health and

* Wear a mask if you go out you house and office.
* Stay at home and be sure that you close your door and window so it will not come in into your house. Wearing a mask is necessary if the haze is in high level.
* Stay away outside, better to stay inside the house, office or mall.
* Always wash your hands and face
* Keep update in news forecast on how level the haze is.

I hope this will end up soon, this is not good for us especially for our children as their immune system is not yet that strong.

Here's my phone video taken in my bedroom.

Hate Haze in KL

I hate haze/smog!! Who want to have a haze/smog in your environment? No one does right? Now we are also affected of a wide haze going with Singapore and also part of Malaysia. I thought Kuala Lumpur will not affect much but this is what happen if we are not taking good care of our environment. Right?

It's happens because we done something that affect our environment and so to speak our health and our lives. I hope this will end soon and all behind this will surely pay for their irresponsible doing.

Here's my phone video taken in my bedroom.

I am Blessed This Father's Day

Yes, for the first time I celebrate my first father's day together with my family. Since I am working away from them I always celebrate it alone in KL. But today, I went home to celebrate this simple event together with my wife and my 2 sons.

I'm feel so blessed that this time I am with them to celebrate this especial day as a father.

Thank You Lord!!

115th Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Kuala Lumpur

It's our 115th Philippine Independence Day. Though I'm not in the Philippines I am still proud to be Filipino and glad that we continue to celebrate our Philippine Independence for 115 years. God Bless the Phillipines!! Mabuhay!!!

Here's the video how Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur together with other Filipino Community celebrate the 115th Philippine Independence Day.

Proud of you all, rain or shine the show must go on. That's Filipino Pride!!

Miami Heat as a Great Team

What’s makes Miami a great team this season 2012-2013? Well, for me besides the big 3 James, Wade and Bosh in that team role player have a big impact on their team. Head coach Eric also has a big role to this team with the help of his previous coach Pat Riley.

This team is build to win multiple championships and this is their third time to have a chance to win this trophy. They got 1 out of 2 right now and now battle for their second from the big 3 eras.

What I like in this team was if someone struggles, one has been coming up big. When Battier is struggle Mike Miller is there, when Bosh and Wade is struggling James is there and when James not play well, everyone makes big part and step up for him. This is a team effort as they say and it’s not just Lebron. I am once Lebron haters but I saw him how he improved and played best for his team. That’s  makes me more to love and inspire the basketball game.

Not so Lucky Year

I feel like it’s not a good year for me this 2013. Why? Well, we just lost 2 of our members of my family this year. Last February my dad’s pass away and just last week we lost one of my big brothers. Though it’s only in the middle of the year I hope nothing will happen again. No more sorrow. It’s cause us a lot of pain and it’s time to moving on.

I remember my sister told me once, 2013 should not come so my dad and brother are still here. Together with his family and enjoy life for more years to come. But I don’t believe that 13 is a bad luck. It’s a God’s will and I know God has a better plan for us, for our family. We may do all the good things in life to be a better person and acceptable to God and keep His word. Sometimes we ask why these things happen, it’s ok to ask God sometimes, and it is how you will react on the situation God is concern about, if we will still be faithful to Him.

This is also one of the struggle of being ofw. You lost your love ones and you are far from them. They lost also without seeing you for a long time and miss some wonderful moment. We know that back in our mind that my dad and my brother is happy now together with almighty God.

We will miss you dad and kuya Jun!! Thank you for the happy memories we shared.

We will miss you Kuya Jun

It’s been 3 months since my dad pass away and leaved us suddenly. A lot of tears that came out and we miss him a lot. Truly there are a lot of ways to be a good parent and my dad show us a good example of it. Now are life is almost back to normal and move on for the other day knowing that my dad will not come back for us anymore. Another day, another week, another month came now one of my big brother are also saying good bye.  

Not now, not again, so sad. I still want to play basketball with you like we used to do before. Let’s play cards or majong with our other sibling for fun. Let’s play in the rain together with our kids. Let’s go in the beach together with our family then I will put my arms in your shoulder because I still don’t know how to swim. Please teach me another dish like you did when I’m still young. I still remember you teach me a lot of things from proper way to pick up vegetables in our backyard to play basketball in smart way. We’re still young why you want to leave us. We can still do a lot of things together with kuya and ate.

Kuya jun, we will miss you. I know that you are happy now together with our dad. Say hello for me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for our family. Thank you for acting like father when our dad is away to work overseas. Thank you for being proud of me in any of my achievements.  

Thank you and I love you kuya!! We will miss you!!

Futsal for the First Time

Last Friday I been invited with my colleague to joined them to play Futsal. What? I don’t even know what is futsal. They tell me that it’s like a football match but in a small court and played mostly indoors, which is also played by four players plus the goalkeeper. Oh, it’s sounds interesting since I would like to try to play football when onetime I saw a football matched which I think played by Messi. Since Malaysia is one of the football fanatics, I always saw football games in tv and even in their newspaper.

I have been interested in football when our Philippine Azkal football team became recognized and popular. I think the Younghusband brothers are most popular in that team. Well, since there are not purely Filipino and they are more attractive to girls.

So, I joined them last Friday, I thought it would be easy for me cause it looks easy to watch them playing. But I was wrong!! It’s hard for me to play not using my hands, since I played basketball most of the time. I even catch the ball using my hands and then realized it’s not allowed. Penalty!!! But as the games goes on and on, I am now easily adopting the tread of the game. Ok, (I was talking in my mind) this is it, if they pass the ball on me I will directly drive and go for the goal. Wow, it’s a nice feeling to get a goal for the first time in my life, even my teammate surprise as they know I don't play futsal, whoa… maybe that feeling is the same feeling of the guy who gets a goal in a professional football league. Well, I got 4 goal for the first time I played this futsal. Thanks for my teammate for setting me up for a great chance to get a goal.

Here’s the photo of the team before starting the game.

My KL Futsal Team 

My Sport Year this Year 2013

I think it’s my sports year this 2013. For the first time, I had been joining a three basketball league here in Kuala Lumpur.  After 3 years here in KL, it’s my first time to join an amateur league that manage also by my fellow Filipino. But I thought it will be hard for me to play after a long years I never been played in any league and thinking that my athletic ability was lost already. But again, thanks God that I can still run and jump like my young age though I am easily get tired playing for a long period of time. But I know if I continue playing it will be easy to back in shape.

I played in a point guard position so, my stamina is easily drained especially my teammates wants me to run a fast break and played in transition game. I watch a lot of NBA games so I always look how the point guard does every time they faced a giant opponent like Howard and Hibbert. One of my favorite shot is the tear drop like shot of Tony Parker and Stephen Curry.

Actually, basketball is my first love sports. I always remember my brother Jun who always teaches me how and what should I do to play smart basketball. Based in his experience and watching him played makes me think that someday I can be like that. Smart and experienced play!! Not just shoot still consider pass and get a contact. Yeah, I really missed all my brother in playing together and win a bux. I wish someday we again in one team, we in 5 brothers in one game together. This is one of the saddest and sacrifices of being OFW. Sometimes you want to be stick together with your siblings all the the time.

Here’s  our Team for one of the league I joined to. 

NCCM Warriors
We are not that big team but, don't underestimate us!!