My Sport Year this Year 2013

I think it’s my sports year this 2013. For the first time, I had been joining a three basketball league here in Kuala Lumpur.  After 3 years here in KL, it’s my first time to join an amateur league that manage also by my fellow Filipino. But I thought it will be hard for me to play after a long years I never been played in any league and thinking that my athletic ability was lost already. But again, thanks God that I can still run and jump like my young age though I am easily get tired playing for a long period of time. But I know if I continue playing it will be easy to back in shape.

I played in a point guard position so, my stamina is easily drained especially my teammates wants me to run a fast break and played in transition game. I watch a lot of NBA games so I always look how the point guard does every time they faced a giant opponent like Howard and Hibbert. One of my favorite shot is the tear drop like shot of Tony Parker and Stephen Curry.

Actually, basketball is my first love sports. I always remember my brother Jun who always teaches me how and what should I do to play smart basketball. Based in his experience and watching him played makes me think that someday I can be like that. Smart and experienced play!! Not just shoot still consider pass and get a contact. Yeah, I really missed all my brother in playing together and win a bux. I wish someday we again in one team, we in 5 brothers in one game together. This is one of the saddest and sacrifices of being OFW. Sometimes you want to be stick together with your siblings all the the time.

Here’s  our Team for one of the league I joined to. 

NCCM Warriors
We are not that big team but, don't underestimate us!!

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