Is it Safe to go in KL, Malaysia?

Despite of the haze is getting worst, is travelling in Malaysia is still safe and possible? Well, for me as long as you are healthy enough the answer is yes but if you are sick or history of asthma or the like I suggest you to stay where you are. The same way to go in Singapore maybe. Haze is not yet so dangerous level in Kuala Lumpur but it is better to be sure than sorry.

Haze: View to Istana Negara KL

Who wants to get sick and fight for illness? No one right???

Now hoping and praying that will last soon as possible. This is not good for us though.

If you still trying to come here in KL, Malaysia please don't forget to wear a supportive mask. Always wash your hands and face and if symptoms persist go to your doctor immediately. Right now, it's better to stay home or in office. 

Be safe everyone!!

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