Not so Lucky Year

I feel like it’s not a good year for me this 2013. Why? Well, we just lost 2 of our members of my family this year. Last February my dad’s pass away and just last week we lost one of my big brothers. Though it’s only in the middle of the year I hope nothing will happen again. No more sorrow. It’s cause us a lot of pain and it’s time to moving on.

I remember my sister told me once, 2013 should not come so my dad and brother are still here. Together with his family and enjoy life for more years to come. But I don’t believe that 13 is a bad luck. It’s a God’s will and I know God has a better plan for us, for our family. We may do all the good things in life to be a better person and acceptable to God and keep His word. Sometimes we ask why these things happen, it’s ok to ask God sometimes, and it is how you will react on the situation God is concern about, if we will still be faithful to Him.

This is also one of the struggle of being ofw. You lost your love ones and you are far from them. They lost also without seeing you for a long time and miss some wonderful moment. We know that back in our mind that my dad and my brother is happy now together with almighty God.

We will miss you dad and kuya Jun!! Thank you for the happy memories we shared.

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