Futsal for the First Time

Last Friday I been invited with my colleague to joined them to play Futsal. What? I don’t even know what is futsal. They tell me that it’s like a football match but in a small court and played mostly indoors, which is also played by four players plus the goalkeeper. Oh, it’s sounds interesting since I would like to try to play football when onetime I saw a football matched which I think played by Messi. Since Malaysia is one of the football fanatics, I always saw football games in tv and even in their newspaper.

I have been interested in football when our Philippine Azkal football team became recognized and popular. I think the Younghusband brothers are most popular in that team. Well, since there are not purely Filipino and they are more attractive to girls.

So, I joined them last Friday, I thought it would be easy for me cause it looks easy to watch them playing. But I was wrong!! It’s hard for me to play not using my hands, since I played basketball most of the time. I even catch the ball using my hands and then realized it’s not allowed. Penalty!!! But as the games goes on and on, I am now easily adopting the tread of the game. Ok, (I was talking in my mind) this is it, if they pass the ball on me I will directly drive and go for the goal. Wow, it’s a nice feeling to get a goal for the first time in my life, even my teammate surprise as they know I don't play futsal, whoa… maybe that feeling is the same feeling of the guy who gets a goal in a professional football league. Well, I got 4 goal for the first time I played this futsal. Thanks for my teammate for setting me up for a great chance to get a goal.

Here’s the photo of the team before starting the game.

My KL Futsal Team 

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