How to Avoid the Effects of Haze?

How to Avoid the Effects of Haze/smog in our Health?

It's  almost a week since haze or smog here in KL are developed and affected our environment. This haze is not safe and unhealthy for us human and maybe for some living things.

Haze/smog is not dangerous for some level but right now what happen in Malaysia and Singapore are not safe I think. Every time I go out I saw the haze that look like a fog and smell like something is burned.

Here are some things to do how to avoid the effects of haze in our health and

* Wear a mask if you go out you house and office.
* Stay at home and be sure that you close your door and window so it will not come in into your house. Wearing a mask is necessary if the haze is in high level.
* Stay away outside, better to stay inside the house, office or mall.
* Always wash your hands and face
* Keep update in news forecast on how level the haze is.

I hope this will end up soon, this is not good for us especially for our children as their immune system is not yet that strong.

Here's my phone video taken in my bedroom.

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