We will miss you Kuya Jun

It’s been 3 months since my dad pass away and leaved us suddenly. A lot of tears that came out and we miss him a lot. Truly there are a lot of ways to be a good parent and my dad show us a good example of it. Now are life is almost back to normal and move on for the other day knowing that my dad will not come back for us anymore. Another day, another week, another month came now one of my big brother are also saying good bye.  

Not now, not again, so sad. I still want to play basketball with you like we used to do before. Let’s play cards or majong with our other sibling for fun. Let’s play in the rain together with our kids. Let’s go in the beach together with our family then I will put my arms in your shoulder because I still don’t know how to swim. Please teach me another dish like you did when I’m still young. I still remember you teach me a lot of things from proper way to pick up vegetables in our backyard to play basketball in smart way. We’re still young why you want to leave us. We can still do a lot of things together with kuya and ate.

Kuya jun, we will miss you. I know that you are happy now together with our dad. Say hello for me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for our family. Thank you for acting like father when our dad is away to work overseas. Thank you for being proud of me in any of my achievements.  

Thank you and I love you kuya!! We will miss you!!

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