Problems and Challenges of Homeschooling in Dubai

In our 3 years of homeschooling in Dubai, I can't say that it was a smooth sailing. We face some challenges and problems in our homeschooling. This is where we grow and learned a lot of things. As we teach our children we as parents also learned a lot. 

Here's some of Problems and Challenges of Homeschooling.

If you are first time parent-teacher of you homeschooling kids this might be one of your problem. Yes, you are not alone. Even now it's our 3rd year of homeschooling making and thinking for our children's homeschool portfolio is still challenging. 

2. Resources / Books
Our eldest start his homeschooling in the Philippines so resources was not really our problem. But when they transfer here in Dubai and need to enroll them again, and books and other resources are not available here. Good thing we have a lot of good friends who are willingly bring our child's books. You can also order online like in Bookshelvez.

3. Limited outdoor activities

During summer or even in a peak of winter season, our children is very limited to go outdoor and to have their Physical Activities. That's make them to stay more at home and do their P.E. indoor. 

kids doing PE

indoor games
We learn a lot of thing during our homeschooling journey. 

You can comment if you want to add more challenges that you faced during your homeschooling here in middle east.

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Philippine Homeschool Books to UAE

Where to order Philippine Homeschool books to delivery in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, or any part of in the Middle East?

Since our 3rd year in our homeschool journey, one of our problem is to get books from Philippines. Shipping is too expensive and sometimes its not available.

Delivered Books

I saw this one page on facebook who can delivered in any country in a less amount of shipping charges. As they only charge what the shipping company charge to them. It takes only 7 days of waiting since we ordered and it was delivered in our door step.

Philippine Homeschool Books

You can visit this page and send a private message.

How much it cost us for the shipping fee from Philippines to UAE?

Well, our homeschooling journey will not be successful without a books. So, why not invest a little much for the books of our children. It cost us for 12 books with teacher's manual is 5,030PHP. Receipt was send to me so we can have a refund if we pay more than the shipping fee.

Shippin Fee Price for 12books-Philippines to UAE