Bdo Nomura Under maintenance

Living in Dubai which is 4 hours behind the Philippines, time is so important. Especially to those who trade and invest in stocks in BDO Nomura platform. But after logging in to your account then Under maintenance will pop up is really a bad day for me.

Well, bad day as I can't check my account and buy or sell my share. But on the bright side, I know that they do maintenance for them to secure the BDO Nomura platform.


Happy Investing.

FAQ 101: Dividend in stocks BDO Nomura

How did you know that you have dividend in stocks BDO Nomura?

If you are entitled, you will received an email in PDF form.

FAQ 101: I fund my account. When it will be reflected?

Many newbie ask and confused if they transfer funds into their account in BDO Nomura, why it is not reflected it thier available balance? When it will be reflected?

If you transfer today usually it will reflect tomorrow or the next trading day. But make sure you deposit before 10pm Philippine time (6pm Dubai).