Supreme Court En Banc decision over Poe

Voting 12-3, the Supreme Court En Banc affirms 2 TROs issued by Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno in favor of Sen. Grace Poe over disqualification cases.

Dubai, How much to convert your visa?

Dubai - How much to convert your visa?

How much do you know about amending the status of your visit visa?

The Ministry of Interior has announced that visit visa-holders no longer need to physically exit the UAE to change their visa status. Instead, would-be residents can now amend their status at any General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

The news comes at the same time as the GDRFA tightened border controls at the Hatta border crossing.

Applications for varying types of visa can be completed at approved typing offices and must be presented together with the applicant’s passport at any GDRFA branch.

The different types of visa and corresponding costs are listed below:
Visa type Fee
Transit entry         Dh165
30-day short visa Dh370 + Insurance for (First degree relatives Dh1,000; Second degree Dh2,000)
90-day long visa Dh700 + Insurance for (First degree relatives Dh1,000; Second degree Dh2,000)
Entry Permits for medical treatment   Single vist Dh700; Multiple visits Dh1,550
Entry permits for study                                 Depends on university or college
Entry Permits for exhibitions and conferences Depends on travel agency
Tourist Visas                                                 Depends on travel agency
GCC resident entry permit No fees
Work- related entry permit for 14 days Dh370
Work- related entry permit for 90 days Dh1,320
Entry permit for work 2 years                 Dh350
Entry permit for residence 2 years         Dh270 (Dh370 express service)
Entry permit for work 3 years                 Dh470
Entry permit for residence 3 years         Dh370 (Dh470 express service)


A New Beginning

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post since I transfer again to work in here Dubai. Though I had been working here before 5 years ago, I know there is another challenge that I will faced.  It never came in my mind that I will be going back to the UAE after a long time. Since the economic crisis hit the country and our company affected and I been transferred to another country. Honestly, I like to work there since I am a family man and Malaysia is just near in my home town Philippines. It’s a call of duty though, and I know that God has a better plan for me and for my family.

Five years ago, there are a lot of changes I noticed. A lot of improvements and great changes compared before. I’m so impressed how wealthy the country is, and continually progressing and innovating things. Dubai is considered as a luxurious city, so we expect cost of living different where I came from.

Being back to the desert, there are things that I noticed and very thankful that Dubai innovated this things before I left.

The Burj Khalifa – when we left the country in 2009, this iconic tower was still under construction. Now this building is considered as the tallest building in the world today.

Dubai Metro – just like the burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro’s construction still ongoing and now this is the most used by the commuters going to their own work site. Transportation is more improved, as more busses and taxis are also added.

Dubai tram – since my job site is near Marina, I always saw Dubai tram in our office window. It’s reminds the train/tram in Hong Kong and Singapore when I visited this country.

Filipino Restaurant – before there are few Filipino restaurants here in Dubai. I can’t  name it all but my favorite was the buffet lunch or dinner  in Karama near ADCB and Laguna Restaurant at Aseana Hotel Deira. Even the Jolibee had been franchise just year of 2015. Jolibee is the most known in the Philippines especially for Filipino Kids.

There are many to tell but for now that’s the most exciting I had been experience. J

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