Miami Heat as a Great Team

What’s makes Miami a great team this season 2012-2013? Well, for me besides the big 3 James, Wade and Bosh in that team role player have a big impact on their team. Head coach Eric also has a big role to this team with the help of his previous coach Pat Riley.

This team is build to win multiple championships and this is their third time to have a chance to win this trophy. They got 1 out of 2 right now and now battle for their second from the big 3 eras.

What I like in this team was if someone struggles, one has been coming up big. When Battier is struggle Mike Miller is there, when Bosh and Wade is struggling James is there and when James not play well, everyone makes big part and step up for him. This is a team effort as they say and it’s not just Lebron. I am once Lebron haters but I saw him how he improved and played best for his team. That’s  makes me more to love and inspire the basketball game.

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