New Year, More Travel

Happy new year to all. Now, It's 2011 my new year's resolution is to have a more travel to come. Local and international travel, anywhere as long as it is as adventure travel. Last year, I been a lot of places here in Malaysia and Singapore also. I hope this year an asian tour will be my goal.

Unplanned Visit to Merdeka Square

Yesterday, my mom and I plan to visit china town to buy some souvenirs. She come here in KL to visit us and taking care of my son. Suddenly, the taxi where we are riding stop us near the Merdeka Square. He said there is a problem with his cab. So we decided to walked as the china town is about 10 minutes long from the Merdeka Square. This is a unplanned visit in this place.

As we pass by, my mom told me that this is a nice place. She is thankful that the driver put us down in this area. Actually I did not appreciate the place before, but when roam around I can say that it is also a tourist spot. We take some picture of it. My mom never get tired posing as this is her last weekend that she will stay here in KL. There are a lot of events celebrating in this place.

It's like a Luneta Park in the Philippines.

Baby Zoe's Third Weeks

Baby Zoe’s 3rd weeks on Christmas Eve.

Now on his 3rd weeks baby Zoe celebrate his first Christmas. This is also our first Christmas celebrating with our baby.

This week our baby is a little bit more awake than his 2nd weeks, even he still spend more his time sleeping and eating. The time schedule of his feeding, sleeping, changing nappies is now a bit clearer to us. My wife can even changed diaper with her closed eyes now.

My mom gives him some toys as Christmas presents but he still not interests for it. Maybe he still loves to see our beautiful faces.

We are also enjoying staring with his big eyes and smell the baby milk breath.

Chowkit Market

The Christmas is coming and I have to buy some food to celebrate this with my family. We need to bus fruits, vegetables, meats and other things we need. Since the nearby Mercato supermarket is quite expensive, so I decided to buy in their local market in Chowkit.

Chowkit is one of the best market place here in KL. You can buy everything in a cheap price. It's a wet and dry market. There is  a lot of shopping stall if around it.

It is accesible to buses and near the Chowkit Monorail Station.

Baby Zoe's Second Weeks

Here we goes, my baby is now in his second weeks. What’s new about my newborn baby? Well, in this time he is more demanding for his need of milk. Almost every two (2) hours his mouth looks like he is searching for it. He usually open his mouth and reaching for his milk. His crying is still a way of communication to us. The umbilical cord stump is already fall off on its own.

I notice that he already improves his hearing as he is responsive from the noises we created. He is quite responsive as we talk to him like he heard everything we say. His eyes are blinking as he responds too. Crying is the only communication my baby knows and we communicate him through talking, singing or even dance with him (we don’t need to cry like him to communicate). Our gentle touch to our newborn is also our way in communicating him.

In this week, his grandma is the one who bathe him as she enjoys doing it. We let him do this thing until she go back home in our home country. She gave us advice how to do it correctly and safe. Thanks mom.

When he is asleep, we still enjoying his facial expression. He smile and looks sad sometimes. Here are some of my baby’s stolen shots.
Baby Zoe Smile

Baby Zoe when he is angry, but he still cute.

Baby Zoe's First Week

My baby’s first week is not very stressful for me. We done our two nights with my newborn baby without any problem even it’s our first. I think he will be a good boy when he grows up. My wife says it’s an instinct to us to take care of our child. No need to ask how, just show our unconditional love. My mom came in the third day to support us until the one month of my baby. Eventually she will go back in our home country again after the recovery of my wife. It is a big help since we are working overseas without any relatives to help us. It’s another adjustment for me and my wife when my mom go back home.

In this week, we still were getting to know our baby and start noticing on his routine. My newborn is spending more time asleep. He cries if he is hungry or his nappy is wet and uncomfortable. We are happy that my wife can breastfed our baby. I heard that some mothers are not. Breastfeeding is really good for baby.

I feel that his remaining umbilical cord is uncomfortable for him. But the doctor says that the stump will fall on its own.

We were enjoying watching his expression while he is asleep. He is smiling, playing with his lips and big eyes. It’s look like he playing with his angel. We also notice that he has a dimple on his face when he smiled. We can’t explain the feeling while watching him. Everyone in my social network (FB) friends wants to see our cute baby. It is overwhelming when they send some messages and comment that we have a handsome and cute baby. Sometime they want more photos since we are working abroad and they can’t see our baby personally. He is the best gift I ever received this coming Christmas. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift.

Baby is Crying

Why my baby’s is crying? That the first question we always ask. Its make us worry especially when we don’t know why our baby is crying. I enjoying my baby when he is not crying but the moment my baby start crying I always call my wife or his grandma to check why he is crying. Maybe most of father’s do that.

When my baby starts crying, he is starting communicating to us. This is the only way he can communicate to since he can’t talk at this moment. We always check his diaper if it is wet or has it poops. He is not comfortable with this that’s why we need to change it. Another reason is we can check if our baby is hungry. Check the time of the last feeding of your baby. So you know if he is hungry or not. Always monitor your baby’s temperature and consult your doctor if it is on 40degrees Celsius, maybe this is reason for his crying.

It is also possible that you baby wants your attention and he wants you to carry him. His first tooth is coming, or he just wants to hear some music. So you need to sing with your baby. Don’t worry your baby doesn’t know if you sang nicely or not, he just want to hear your voice.The good thing it is another way to bond with our baby.

This is it

This is it! Our baby’s arrival will start a new beginning for me and my wife. Our life will never be the same again. We are now focusing to our baby than ourselves. We enjoying every moment with our little one now. Being a new parent is hard but because of our love to a child this hardship is worthy, knowing that we have a blessed child. We will love him unconditionally.

I pray that I will be a great dad to him.

Baby Zoe Yechekiel

Finally, our baby Zoe Yechekiel arrived this December 3, 2010 at 08:15pm. A healthy baby boy weighing 7lbs. He is greatest gift from God above we ever received. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing, truly You are awesome God.  

Repair Shop

In the past few weeks I got a trouble finding good auto repair shop in my place. I just found this auto repair shop online, it really helps me a lot. Together with my friend who owns a Ford, we immediately went to check my car with an engine light problem. I usually ignore this but they explain to me that this is also important part of the car. So I decided to let them check and repair so I have a peace in mind while driving with my family. They gave me a good estimate which for me is like a price for a friend. They repair it on time in what they say. They are really trustworthy shop.

Now I find a good quality auto repair shop in San Diego. I have no worries having a car problem nowadays. Knowing that I can really depend on them in times of trouble.

Anawangin and Capones Island

Last December we were to Anawangin for our wedding anniversary celebration of my wife and with her sister as she persuaded my wife to go with us.

We don’t have a car and rent a service with three people is very expensive. So we decided to take bus to go there. We prepare to have this adventure as we are still young. We take Philtranco Bus at Manila around 10:30pm and expecting to arrive at 4am but we been in San Antonio Zambales at 2:30am. We are too early and it is very cold outside since it is a Christmas season. We wait for the market to open and buy something to eat and drink for our trip.

Around 6:00am we finally take a tricycle going to Brgy. Pundaquit and take a boat to Anawangin. It’s 7:00am when we finally came in the mystical cove of Anawangin. We are almost 12 groups of campers when we arrived, some are already there and stay overnight, some are coming as the time goes by. By then, we search for a good place to locate our tent. After setting up tent and all our stuff we don’t waste time and roam around the place.

Around 3pm, we take a short trek and hire some guy to guide us. It cost us 200 pesos for the guide but it’s all worthy as the view from top are very relaxing and has an amazing view down there. It almost 15 minutes trek up to get there on the top.

The place is very amazing. A white beach with a pine trees in the area. Which is unusual in Philippine beaches. Usually Philippine beaches are surrounds by a coconut trees. We really enjoy the place and the clear water. We also noticed that while we are swimming we saw some little fishes around. We try to catch them but it's too hard, they are too quick and we are only using our hands to catch them. We’re like a kid at that time and you can forget all you worries and problems way back in a normal world. LOL

As the night coming, some campers are preparing things for the bonfires. It’s all back to basic, no electricity. Toilet is there but you need to get your own water in what you called Poso in the Philippines. While in the tent you will hear the wind blow it's looks like there is a storm coming.

The next day, we left Anawangin around 9:00 am and head to the nearby Capones Island. It was a 20 minutes boat ride from Anawangin Cove. As we go by the place, the sea wave is getting stronger that makes us scared. We are wearing a life jacket so we’re not panic as we know that we will float if anything will happen(LOL). Thanks God we arrived safe and sound.

Capones Island is rocky place and another breathtaking view especially if you reach the top of the light house. This is really a nice place, a heaven, a paradise or whatever you want to describe it. The natural beauty of the place is great. God’s workmanship is really amazing.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Our anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

Happy 2nd year Wedding Anniversary Bhe! I Love you!

A Prayer

A Prayer

I was browsing some Christian quotes for me to relax and to be inspired. I just search this quote “God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them”. I was amazed because it is very true. God always know what is the desire of our heart. We just don’t know how and what words to say them. Sometimes we don’t even say to Him everything we need but he gave more than enough in what we need, in His right time and right place. You don’t even notice that He uses other people to bless us.

In my journey in life I still have a lot of trials coming to me. But in prayer I know God understand what we need and what we desire. I always prayed to the Lord and but sometimes I don’t know how to say it. I even shy to tell Him that “I need this Lord”. I always think that I have enough of it. Instead I pray that bless the people around me so I may be blessed too. I know some people that they pray for others than themselves. They pray for their family, friends, neighbors and country but forget to pray for his self.

How about you? Can you pray for others? I hope so…