Baby Zoe's First Week

My baby’s first week is not very stressful for me. We done our two nights with my newborn baby without any problem even it’s our first. I think he will be a good boy when he grows up. My wife says it’s an instinct to us to take care of our child. No need to ask how, just show our unconditional love. My mom came in the third day to support us until the one month of my baby. Eventually she will go back in our home country again after the recovery of my wife. It is a big help since we are working overseas without any relatives to help us. It’s another adjustment for me and my wife when my mom go back home.

In this week, we still were getting to know our baby and start noticing on his routine. My newborn is spending more time asleep. He cries if he is hungry or his nappy is wet and uncomfortable. We are happy that my wife can breastfed our baby. I heard that some mothers are not. Breastfeeding is really good for baby.

I feel that his remaining umbilical cord is uncomfortable for him. But the doctor says that the stump will fall on its own.

We were enjoying watching his expression while he is asleep. He is smiling, playing with his lips and big eyes. It’s look like he playing with his angel. We also notice that he has a dimple on his face when he smiled. We can’t explain the feeling while watching him. Everyone in my social network (FB) friends wants to see our cute baby. It is overwhelming when they send some messages and comment that we have a handsome and cute baby. Sometime they want more photos since we are working abroad and they can’t see our baby personally. He is the best gift I ever received this coming Christmas. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift.

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  1. oh i wish i can smell the little angel...he's so cute.

    I can tell you are a very proud DAD. Congrats for having him.