Baby Zoe's Second Weeks

Here we goes, my baby is now in his second weeks. What’s new about my newborn baby? Well, in this time he is more demanding for his need of milk. Almost every two (2) hours his mouth looks like he is searching for it. He usually open his mouth and reaching for his milk. His crying is still a way of communication to us. The umbilical cord stump is already fall off on its own.

I notice that he already improves his hearing as he is responsive from the noises we created. He is quite responsive as we talk to him like he heard everything we say. His eyes are blinking as he responds too. Crying is the only communication my baby knows and we communicate him through talking, singing or even dance with him (we don’t need to cry like him to communicate). Our gentle touch to our newborn is also our way in communicating him.

In this week, his grandma is the one who bathe him as she enjoys doing it. We let him do this thing until she go back home in our home country. She gave us advice how to do it correctly and safe. Thanks mom.

When he is asleep, we still enjoying his facial expression. He smile and looks sad sometimes. Here are some of my baby’s stolen shots.
Baby Zoe Smile

Baby Zoe when he is angry, but he still cute.

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