Baby is Crying

Why my baby’s is crying? That the first question we always ask. Its make us worry especially when we don’t know why our baby is crying. I enjoying my baby when he is not crying but the moment my baby start crying I always call my wife or his grandma to check why he is crying. Maybe most of father’s do that.

When my baby starts crying, he is starting communicating to us. This is the only way he can communicate to since he can’t talk at this moment. We always check his diaper if it is wet or has it poops. He is not comfortable with this that’s why we need to change it. Another reason is we can check if our baby is hungry. Check the time of the last feeding of your baby. So you know if he is hungry or not. Always monitor your baby’s temperature and consult your doctor if it is on 40degrees Celsius, maybe this is reason for his crying.

It is also possible that you baby wants your attention and he wants you to carry him. His first tooth is coming, or he just wants to hear some music. So you need to sing with your baby. Don’t worry your baby doesn’t know if you sang nicely or not, he just want to hear your voice.The good thing it is another way to bond with our baby.

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