Unplanned Visit to Merdeka Square

Yesterday, my mom and I plan to visit china town to buy some souvenirs. She come here in KL to visit us and taking care of my son. Suddenly, the taxi where we are riding stop us near the Merdeka Square. He said there is a problem with his cab. So we decided to walked as the china town is about 10 minutes long from the Merdeka Square. This is a unplanned visit in this place.

As we pass by, my mom told me that this is a nice place. She is thankful that the driver put us down in this area. Actually I did not appreciate the place before, but when roam around I can say that it is also a tourist spot. We take some picture of it. My mom never get tired posing as this is her last weekend that she will stay here in KL. There are a lot of events celebrating in this place.

It's like a Luneta Park in the Philippines.

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