Anawangin and Capones Island

Last December we were to Anawangin for our wedding anniversary celebration of my wife and with her sister as she persuaded my wife to go with us.

We don’t have a car and rent a service with three people is very expensive. So we decided to take bus to go there. We prepare to have this adventure as we are still young. We take Philtranco Bus at Manila around 10:30pm and expecting to arrive at 4am but we been in San Antonio Zambales at 2:30am. We are too early and it is very cold outside since it is a Christmas season. We wait for the market to open and buy something to eat and drink for our trip.

Around 6:00am we finally take a tricycle going to Brgy. Pundaquit and take a boat to Anawangin. It’s 7:00am when we finally came in the mystical cove of Anawangin. We are almost 12 groups of campers when we arrived, some are already there and stay overnight, some are coming as the time goes by. By then, we search for a good place to locate our tent. After setting up tent and all our stuff we don’t waste time and roam around the place.

Around 3pm, we take a short trek and hire some guy to guide us. It cost us 200 pesos for the guide but it’s all worthy as the view from top are very relaxing and has an amazing view down there. It almost 15 minutes trek up to get there on the top.

The place is very amazing. A white beach with a pine trees in the area. Which is unusual in Philippine beaches. Usually Philippine beaches are surrounds by a coconut trees. We really enjoy the place and the clear water. We also noticed that while we are swimming we saw some little fishes around. We try to catch them but it's too hard, they are too quick and we are only using our hands to catch them. We’re like a kid at that time and you can forget all you worries and problems way back in a normal world. LOL

As the night coming, some campers are preparing things for the bonfires. It’s all back to basic, no electricity. Toilet is there but you need to get your own water in what you called Poso in the Philippines. While in the tent you will hear the wind blow it's looks like there is a storm coming.

The next day, we left Anawangin around 9:00 am and head to the nearby Capones Island. It was a 20 minutes boat ride from Anawangin Cove. As we go by the place, the sea wave is getting stronger that makes us scared. We are wearing a life jacket so we’re not panic as we know that we will float if anything will happen(LOL). Thanks God we arrived safe and sound.

Capones Island is rocky place and another breathtaking view especially if you reach the top of the light house. This is really a nice place, a heaven, a paradise or whatever you want to describe it. The natural beauty of the place is great. God’s workmanship is really amazing.

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