Smokers Treat

Many people know how badly smoking damages our health. And despite the warning of health professionals it is sad that there are still a large number of smokers. About a third of male population worldwide are smokers and one of ten smokers die because of heart and chronic lung disease. 

I find it irritating when someone smokes next to me as it leaves me a prey to second hand smoke. I remember a close friend who was chain smoker. I would often see him sucking on that cancer stick and I tried to stop him from smoking. When one of his colleagues who were also a chain smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer, he realizes that bragging him to stop smoking would save him from having the same disease. He attempted to quite numerous times but for him it was a hard nut to crack. 

E Cigarette Starter Kits (

And that made him interested in electronic cigarette. This newly created stuff for smokers brings the smoking sensation without the harmful effects caused by tobacco as well as the harmful second hand smoke. I have been seeing this e cigar shop in a mall near our place so I took him there to inquire about the product. We found out that ecigars comes in different flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and the tobacco itself. You also have the option on how much nicotine you want to consume as the nicotine level is adjustable. It is surely a treat for smokers! Although an e cig starter kit is more expensive than the normal tobacco cigarette, it’s a better option rather than putting your health at risk which will definitely cost you a lot of money for medication. 

My friend then, thought electronic cigarette will help him detached from tobacco smoking so he bought for himself an electronic cigarette starter kit. I really hope that it will help him wean from tobacco smoking.

Sports : PBA Draft Day Results 2012

PBA Draft Day Results 2012:

1st Round
1. Junmar Fajardo - Petron
2. Calvin Abueva - Alaska
3. Alex Mallari - Petron
4. Cliff Hodge - Meralco
5. Aldrech Ramos - Barako
6. Chris Ellis - Ginebra
7. Chris Tiu - Rain or Shine
8. Keith Jensen - Ginebra
9. Vic Manuel - Global Port Batang Pier
10. Jason Deutchman - Global Port Batang Pier

2nd Round
1. Yousef Taha - Air 21
2. Dave Marcelo - Barako
3. Jewel Ponferada - B-Meg
4. Alfred Mandani - Global Port Batang Pier
5. Lester Alvarez - Barako
6. Eman Monfort - Barako
7. Kelly Nabong - Meralco
8. Woody Co - Barako
9. Raffy Reyes - Alaska
10. Jaypee Belencion - Talk N' Text

3rd Round
1. Simon Atkins - Air 21
2. Karl Dehesa - Alaska
3. Ryan Boado - Barako
4. Janus Lozada - Meralco
5. Mark Sarangay - Petron
6. Mark Anthony Acosta - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Raymond Austria - Rain or Shine
8. Jerick Canada - Ginebra
9. Gian Chiu - B-Meg
10. Jason Escueta - Talk N' Text

4th Round 
1. Pass - Alaska
2. Pass - Air 21
3. Joseph Hermosisima - Barako
4. Eric Suguitan - Meralco
5. Pass - Petron
6. Jan Colina - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Jewel Palomique - Rain or Shine
8. Paul Zamar - Ginebra
9. Ramon Mabayo - B-Meg
10. Pass - Talk N' Text

5th Round
1. Pass - Air 21
2. Pass - Alaska
3. Pass - Barako
4. Pass - Meralco
5. Pass - Petron
6. Virgilio Serios - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Pass - Rain or Shine
8. Virgil Buensuceso - Ginebra
9. Pass - B-Meg
10. Pass - Talk N' Text

6th Round
1-7. Pass
8. Elliot Tan - Ginebra
9-10. Pass

Unprinted Desire for My Mom

I get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. How I wish it’s a weekend so I don’t have to wake up early for work. This reminded me of my old school days quite a few years ago where waking up too early was really a battle. Shutting off and resetting the alarm clock was an early morning scenario. I bet some of you can absolutely relate with what I am writing.

And thinking of schooling, if I may pursue a postgraduate course, I am thinking of taking up a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. It just so happens that I have this long desire of designing my mom’s garden at home that until now remains on my mind, it’s not yet drawn nor printed. So apart from redesigning her retirement house, I am thinking that touching the landscapes of her dream retirement house will surely bring an aroma to her environment. I am sure she will love it!

Okay, back to the reality. Taking up a master’s degree is impossible right now, things are hard up and I really need to work like a horse for my family. And if I am not given a chance to do the landscaping for my mom, perhaps I would seek professional service like that of landscaper London who have done great job in landscaping London. This sounds really spoiling my mom. But isn’t it customers want the best service? So dealing with top designers and contractors is a wise decision. Well, only if I can afford their service.  

Life Long Learning Books Through Good Librarians

We must beware of bad books and treasure the good ones.

A bad book in the hands of a teenager deprives his dignity. If he finds reading it enjoyable, it means his soul is enjoying as well. If reading is done out of curiosity, let us call it a dangerous and evil curiosity. What can one learn in reading a bad book? May it be everything that may cause us harms? Usually one reads for the sake of instruction, so it is far better to read good books from which some profitable teaching may be derived.

Good books teach us a lot. From nothing to everything. When it comes to passion of reading books, we should choose the good ones which we can learn morality, understanding life and how to preserve our dignity and integrity by using our principles in a good way. Books can be treasured companions, filling us with wonder and knowledge.

A good librarian teaches students how to use library resources well. It is to believe that beneath your disciplinarian demeanor lies a strong desire to help students succeed in their academic pursuits.

Librarian is often portrayed as bookish introverts but this is far from true. One actually needs a lot of people skills in this job. So, don’t underestimate them because they have played an important role in your life. 

Travel: From London to Stonehenge

You need not to be a historian for you to be acquainted with Stonehenge. I’m sure you have heard about this pre-historic monument in Wiltshire either from a traveller friend or from your history class. As for me, I have studied Stonehenge in my History of Architecture subject way back in college. This Neolithic structure is believed to have been built between 3000BC and 2000BC and it is one among UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Today, Stonehenge has become a popular tourist destination. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors from different part of the globe. One of my friends was fortunate to have been visited the place. I wish wifey and I will also be able to set our foot in that historic place. As much as we need to save for this trip, there are more important things that we should prioritize at this time. So I guess, I guess this trip will have to wait for the right time. Planning early as of now is really important for us, especially we want to enjoy our vacation without hassle. Together with our kids, I think they will enjoy it very much.

If you live in London, you are so lucky because there are various Stonehenge Tours from London available at an affordable price. They offer fantastic, comprehensive and value package tours. You’ve got to choose whether you want a full day or afternoon Stonehenge tour with a side trip to Windsor, Oxford or Salisbury. Or if you are short of time you can simply have an express tour to Stonehenge by a luxury coach.

Stonehenge may not be a dream destination for everyone, but I would love to visit and see this structure for real which I only saw in picture and my history book. 

Boost Your Sales through Advertising

Anyone who runs a business including those who got bankrupt would know the impact of the advertisement to their sales revenue. So whether you already run your own business or just starting out a small business consider Advertising in Airdrie. This has been a powerful tool in informing the public about your products or services and a great possibility of catching numbers of customers.

With the array of businesses nowadays, advertisement plays a big role in the success of your business. There are different forms of advertisements to choose from and mostly they come in a top dollar. And just when you thought you can’t afford to advertise, why don’t you try Airdrie advertising, they are here to give you affordable yet quality advertising service ideal to those who are starting a small business.  Although prices are based on the advertising space they are still affordable compared to other advertising agency. And more than the affordability is the quality of the advertisement they offer their clients. Plus they can also assist you in designing your advertisement should you need it and with assurance that it will be delivered and will reach your target customers.

But remember, the success of your business does not only depend on advertising itself. Of course it needs to be properly managed and requires interpersonal skills for your business to come up with roses.

USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball

What a tough games for USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball. With a 5 point lead of Team USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball. With a final score 99-95.

Early foul trouble really hit the team USA.

What a game performance for Lebron James for the last 3 minutes of fouth quarter.

This is a big test for the Team USA as they are going to get the gold medal. Now back to work guys.

Hangtime blog here.

Sports : My Top 10 NBA Player for 2012-2013 Season

Here's my Top 10

10. Anthony Davis of New Orleans Hornets – First Overall Pick this season so he is one of the player to be watch for competing with the veteran player like Kobe, Durant or James.

9. Chris Paul of L.A. Clippers –He is the starting point guard of Team USA Basketball in 2012 London Olympics. I pick him for his ability to create plays.

8. Andre Iguodala of Philadelphia 76ers – he is again, another Team USA Basketball player who is one of the second team who play off the bench. But every time he is in the court he shows what he got.

7.  Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks– I pick him as my top 7 for his performance last season. Though they are fall short last playoffs still he carries his team to reach unto the playoff games. So with Jason Kidd who add in their line up, so let’s watch this team.

Watch how Carmelo Anthony set a new record for most points of a player in Men's Basketball Olympic Games.

6. Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics – even he retire this season, still Garnett is one of my top player in NBA. Now as he decides to continue his journey (though Ray Allen left) this season I want to see how he play and better watch out cause this guy is very tough one.

5. Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat – after declaring not to play in 2012 London Olympics because of his left knee injury and be prepared for next season to depend their Championship, I am hoping he is in his a good shape.

4. Kobe Bryant of L.A. Lakers – who man in this world would not like in his list for the Top 10 NBA player next season.  He still can do anything on the floor.

3. Manu GInobili of San Antonio Spurs – Like Kobe, Manu Ginobili is still at his best. After fall short last conference finals, still we saw how good Ginobili is. He is one of the best player in Team Argentina this 2012 London Olympics.

2. Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder – Well, our 3 time reigning top 1 scorer in NBA. Kevin Durant is my top 2 because of his ability; he’s like a scoring machine. He is there when the team needed him. Better watch him next season especially now that he experience of losing NBA Finals last season. I know this man grow and learned a lot.

1. Lebron James of Miami Heat – the MVP now has a ring. Why Lebron James is my number one pick next season? Well, after he show his unselfish play, the ability to score in posting, good defender, and can play 1 to 5. Now, I want to see how he and his team can depend their championship.