Travel: From London to Stonehenge

You need not to be a historian for you to be acquainted with Stonehenge. I’m sure you have heard about this pre-historic monument in Wiltshire either from a traveller friend or from your history class. As for me, I have studied Stonehenge in my History of Architecture subject way back in college. This Neolithic structure is believed to have been built between 3000BC and 2000BC and it is one among UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Today, Stonehenge has become a popular tourist destination. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors from different part of the globe. One of my friends was fortunate to have been visited the place. I wish wifey and I will also be able to set our foot in that historic place. As much as we need to save for this trip, there are more important things that we should prioritize at this time. So I guess, I guess this trip will have to wait for the right time. Planning early as of now is really important for us, especially we want to enjoy our vacation without hassle. Together with our kids, I think they will enjoy it very much.

If you live in London, you are so lucky because there are various Stonehenge Tours from London available at an affordable price. They offer fantastic, comprehensive and value package tours. You’ve got to choose whether you want a full day or afternoon Stonehenge tour with a side trip to Windsor, Oxford or Salisbury. Or if you are short of time you can simply have an express tour to Stonehenge by a luxury coach.

Stonehenge may not be a dream destination for everyone, but I would love to visit and see this structure for real which I only saw in picture and my history book. 


  1. can i go with you? hahaha i want to see the stonage too..