Life Long Learning Books Through Good Librarians

We must beware of bad books and treasure the good ones.

A bad book in the hands of a teenager deprives his dignity. If he finds reading it enjoyable, it means his soul is enjoying as well. If reading is done out of curiosity, let us call it a dangerous and evil curiosity. What can one learn in reading a bad book? May it be everything that may cause us harms? Usually one reads for the sake of instruction, so it is far better to read good books from which some profitable teaching may be derived.

Good books teach us a lot. From nothing to everything. When it comes to passion of reading books, we should choose the good ones which we can learn morality, understanding life and how to preserve our dignity and integrity by using our principles in a good way. Books can be treasured companions, filling us with wonder and knowledge.

A good librarian teaches students how to use library resources well. It is to believe that beneath your disciplinarian demeanor lies a strong desire to help students succeed in their academic pursuits.

Librarian is often portrayed as bookish introverts but this is far from true. One actually needs a lot of people skills in this job. So, don’t underestimate them because they have played an important role in your life. 

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