Sports : My Top 10 NBA Player for 2012-2013 Season

Here's my Top 10

10. Anthony Davis of New Orleans Hornets – First Overall Pick this season so he is one of the player to be watch for competing with the veteran player like Kobe, Durant or James.

9. Chris Paul of L.A. Clippers –He is the starting point guard of Team USA Basketball in 2012 London Olympics. I pick him for his ability to create plays.

8. Andre Iguodala of Philadelphia 76ers – he is again, another Team USA Basketball player who is one of the second team who play off the bench. But every time he is in the court he shows what he got.

7.  Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks– I pick him as my top 7 for his performance last season. Though they are fall short last playoffs still he carries his team to reach unto the playoff games. So with Jason Kidd who add in their line up, so let’s watch this team.

Watch how Carmelo Anthony set a new record for most points of a player in Men's Basketball Olympic Games.

6. Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics – even he retire this season, still Garnett is one of my top player in NBA. Now as he decides to continue his journey (though Ray Allen left) this season I want to see how he play and better watch out cause this guy is very tough one.

5. Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat – after declaring not to play in 2012 London Olympics because of his left knee injury and be prepared for next season to depend their Championship, I am hoping he is in his a good shape.

4. Kobe Bryant of L.A. Lakers – who man in this world would not like in his list for the Top 10 NBA player next season.  He still can do anything on the floor.

3. Manu GInobili of San Antonio Spurs – Like Kobe, Manu Ginobili is still at his best. After fall short last conference finals, still we saw how good Ginobili is. He is one of the best player in Team Argentina this 2012 London Olympics.

2. Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder – Well, our 3 time reigning top 1 scorer in NBA. Kevin Durant is my top 2 because of his ability; he’s like a scoring machine. He is there when the team needed him. Better watch him next season especially now that he experience of losing NBA Finals last season. I know this man grow and learned a lot.

1. Lebron James of Miami Heat – the MVP now has a ring. Why Lebron James is my number one pick next season? Well, after he show his unselfish play, the ability to score in posting, good defender, and can play 1 to 5. Now, I want to see how he and his team can depend their championship.

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