Try Not to Worry

Of all human habits, worry is the most extravagant. It costs more than any other and yields nothing useful or pleasurable. It is too expensive. We can't afford it and it's so foolish. If the thing that occasions it cannot be helped, the worry is unavailing. If it can be helped, worry deprives one of the power and intelligence necessary to remedy the thing. We cannot expect to live without anxiety but we can learn to put it to our own good use.

To struggle with our own environment is part of our heritage, a part of the complex adventure of being human. Man has to pay the price of fear and worry in order to be human. Our susceptibility to anxiety is the soil of our human growth "says Joshua Liebman.

No one can dodge feelings of anxiety but in living with them. We can learn a kind of wisdom that will lessen our burden. A psychology degree online may be of interest to you if you like to learn about topics like this. Do not add to your real worries by piling on false ones. Trifles can often obsess us and blot our thinking. It is not the big problem that defeats us but the scab of little thoughts and fears. Do not add to your present worries the burden of the past or the future.

If the thought, time and energy wasted in futile anxiety, were directed towards correcting or improving the condition that cause it. Useless worry would disappear in itself.

Generally, don’t think too much.

1 Day Trip to KL

Last weekends, my sister came to visit here in KL. This is her second time to travel and visit me here in Malaysia. Last time it was a short visit as she came from Philippines to Singapore and Singapore to Malaysia. Now, I insist that she have to come by here for a long time so she will enjoy and I can guide her as many good place to visit here. Along with her two girl friends from Singapore we explore KL and enjoy the one day trip as they are going back to Singapore in the same day.

At first, we went to Berjaya Time Square to book and get a ticket going to Singapore (Star Mart busliner). Then we come by at the Batu Caves. Batu Caves is one of the popular places to visit here in Malaysia. At first we are hesitate to go up as it look to high and maybe we get tired to climb there. But since we want to experience it we go up but I think we pause in every two landings and took some rest. But in the middle of our journey, one of my sister’s friends doesn’t want to continue going up. But later on she decide to come along, she actually afraid of the monkeys might harm her. And about 15 minutes finally we are on the top. By the way, I count the total number of steps of the stairs and it is about 272 steps.  

Hope of Our Nation

Jose Rizal once said “The youth is the hope of our nation” (Ang Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan). Is this really happening now? Youth today was exposed to all kinds of information in the help of high technology like internet. Social media also has a big impact for our youth today. They know many things that are not right and see how to abuse the power in the country.

We really need help to guide our youth in their physical, mental and spiritual life. Maybe parents should be more involved in the lives of their children. Teacher should guide and teach their students on how important moral values and good ethics. Even a lot of young people are taking classes from online universities now a days. Authority needs to be a role model as youth today do what they saw and thinking that what they see in their eyes is right. If not, it will be useless to tell them to do your words without practising with ourselves.

Being Away from Family

I am working as an expat here in KL, far away from my family. I know nobody wants to be apart and be separated from their love ones. But for some reasons, sometimes it is necessary and we couldn't avoid the on-going situations. Economic crisis has the biggest impact and is one but a major reason of making people decide the hardest part of life, of being away from our family. Also, we decide to work abroad for the future of our child and to have a better life.

When we are away from our family, sometimes we will test us how strong we are in handling these situations. It’s like an adventure which needs inspiration, strength, trust, perseverance and determination. If you have these characteristics, then you’ll be able to overcome and you can pass all the temptations, trials and hindrances ahead as they must come on their way. Temptations are everywhere and no one is exempted. Don’t be tempted to this thing. These could cause you troubles and a massive damage in your relationship. Thinking all the possibilities and consequences that might happen and you’ll surprisingly realize of not falling from any temptations.

In this real world, most people have been fallen to such things even if there not away from their partners. How much more to those who are away from their family. I can say it’s really worst.

Try to focus yourself and aiming your goal why you're away from your partners and family. Understand the relativity of things and having those characteristics would surely help you to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with your partner. Communication is also important thing to ease the loneliness we felt.  Of course don’t forget to pray always for this is the key to success.

Just remember this song:

"Even though you're far apart, you're right beside me in my heart.
"Even though you're far away, you're right beside me day by day"

Are you a Judge or Something?

Don’t judge so you won’t be judge.

Sometimes we are too severe in judging others. It is easy for us to say bad things and worst words to others because we hate them or we don’t like that person. People would probably back-stab you when you're away but they're busy admiring you while you're in front of them. Once you're gone, don’t expect them to be still nice to you. They're just using their hypocrite attitude. This kind of people doesn't even ask and sees their selves in front of a mirror because they don’t even recognize who they really are. They are too good in condemning others.

Even if you have an online law degree or are a judge by profession, you should not judge people. We should never forget that we are too much exposed to temptations that we ourselves can become guilty of the very same faults we condemn in others. And when we judge in others mistake which we ourselves have committed a sin, and our blame is even greater.

We shall be able to do much good instead of judging and condemning others. A fruitful and happy life awaits us if we just be kind to others and not to judge them.

Thank You, Because of You

Inspiring others reflects individual’s attitude, morality and good virtue.

Considering as an inspiration to others is such pleasure and honour for they have seen your potentials and capabilities of being a good example to them. As the popular line says “we cannot impress everybody". But I would say, we can continue doing good things to show them that we care.

Because of our parents, literally, we were born to this earth, have a good life, able to have things that we wanted, able to teach us about good morals, self-discipline etc. They have taught us a lot of lessons for us to be a good one.

Because of our true friends, we have learned how to choose real good friends, forgive, be considerate, be fair and know who to trust. They have helped us to be more matured, more to ourselves and more the person we intended to be.

Because of our neighbors, we have learned how to respect others, being aware of what's happening to our surroundings and know how to care for others as well.

Most of all, because of God, we are being saved from the bondage of sin through His crucifixion. He has given us the opportunity to do everything right to be worthy in His presence and continue to serve Him until the end of time.