Thank You, Because of You

Inspiring others reflects individual’s attitude, morality and good virtue.

Considering as an inspiration to others is such pleasure and honour for they have seen your potentials and capabilities of being a good example to them. As the popular line says “we cannot impress everybody". But I would say, we can continue doing good things to show them that we care.

Because of our parents, literally, we were born to this earth, have a good life, able to have things that we wanted, able to teach us about good morals, self-discipline etc. They have taught us a lot of lessons for us to be a good one.

Because of our true friends, we have learned how to choose real good friends, forgive, be considerate, be fair and know who to trust. They have helped us to be more matured, more to ourselves and more the person we intended to be.

Because of our neighbors, we have learned how to respect others, being aware of what's happening to our surroundings and know how to care for others as well.

Most of all, because of God, we are being saved from the bondage of sin through His crucifixion. He has given us the opportunity to do everything right to be worthy in His presence and continue to serve Him until the end of time.

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