Are you a Judge or Something?

Don’t judge so you won’t be judge.

Sometimes we are too severe in judging others. It is easy for us to say bad things and worst words to others because we hate them or we don’t like that person. People would probably back-stab you when you're away but they're busy admiring you while you're in front of them. Once you're gone, don’t expect them to be still nice to you. They're just using their hypocrite attitude. This kind of people doesn't even ask and sees their selves in front of a mirror because they don’t even recognize who they really are. They are too good in condemning others.

Even if you have an online law degree or are a judge by profession, you should not judge people. We should never forget that we are too much exposed to temptations that we ourselves can become guilty of the very same faults we condemn in others. And when we judge in others mistake which we ourselves have committed a sin, and our blame is even greater.

We shall be able to do much good instead of judging and condemning others. A fruitful and happy life awaits us if we just be kind to others and not to judge them.

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