Try Not to Worry

Of all human habits, worry is the most extravagant. It costs more than any other and yields nothing useful or pleasurable. It is too expensive. We can't afford it and it's so foolish. If the thing that occasions it cannot be helped, the worry is unavailing. If it can be helped, worry deprives one of the power and intelligence necessary to remedy the thing. We cannot expect to live without anxiety but we can learn to put it to our own good use.

To struggle with our own environment is part of our heritage, a part of the complex adventure of being human. Man has to pay the price of fear and worry in order to be human. Our susceptibility to anxiety is the soil of our human growth "says Joshua Liebman.

No one can dodge feelings of anxiety but in living with them. We can learn a kind of wisdom that will lessen our burden. A psychology degree online may be of interest to you if you like to learn about topics like this. Do not add to your real worries by piling on false ones. Trifles can often obsess us and blot our thinking. It is not the big problem that defeats us but the scab of little thoughts and fears. Do not add to your present worries the burden of the past or the future.

If the thought, time and energy wasted in futile anxiety, were directed towards correcting or improving the condition that cause it. Useless worry would disappear in itself.

Generally, don’t think too much.


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