1 Day Trip to KL

Last weekends, my sister came to visit here in KL. This is her second time to travel and visit me here in Malaysia. Last time it was a short visit as she came from Philippines to Singapore and Singapore to Malaysia. Now, I insist that she have to come by here for a long time so she will enjoy and I can guide her as many good place to visit here. Along with her two girl friends from Singapore we explore KL and enjoy the one day trip as they are going back to Singapore in the same day.

At first, we went to Berjaya Time Square to book and get a ticket going to Singapore (Star Mart busliner). Then we come by at the Batu Caves. Batu Caves is one of the popular places to visit here in Malaysia. At first we are hesitate to go up as it look to high and maybe we get tired to climb there. But since we want to experience it we go up but I think we pause in every two landings and took some rest. But in the middle of our journey, one of my sister’s friends doesn’t want to continue going up. But later on she decide to come along, she actually afraid of the monkeys might harm her. And about 15 minutes finally we are on the top. By the way, I count the total number of steps of the stairs and it is about 272 steps.  

View of long stairs about 277 steps

Rest.. rest.. rest..

Monkey around Batu Caves

Batu Caves

Before we go to our next destination, we take some rest and eat at Indian restaurant. I let them try the roti telur and the crispy roti with triangle shape.

By then we take train going to KLCC and have a lunch there before taking a picture with the Petronas twin towers. I think they enjoy posing to have a good remembrance in this popular Icon of Malaysia.
High Jump

After that, we go to China Town and Sentral Market to buy some souvenirs. I prefer to send them to Sentral Market to shop than to china town as it is not too crowded. I bring most of my visitor in one of my favorite stall as they give us discount.

Shoping time!

Merdeka Square was our next stop. We also take our rest there while enjoying green grass field scenery of the place. Merdeka Square is like a Rizal Park in Manila.
At Merdeka Square

Since we still have time before the bus depart going to Singapore, I let them go around the Berjaya Time Square which one of the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia. We also take our dinner at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant at Time Square since it is a 5 hours travel going to Singapore.

I hope they enjoy their one day stay in Malaysia.


  1. We knew it was a tiresome day especially that you did not have enough rest prior to this day.You had to fetch Bevs at the airport straight from your work and us (Susan and I) at the KL Sentral and it was already around 3AM.Despite the lack of sleep, we still managed to roam around...and you patiently took shots of us.For you, it was a story you shared and for us, it was a day we will always cherish...Thank you so much Zanti, we are very grateful of what you did.God bless you and your family!

  2. Most welcome... till next time again, but be sure not less than 1 day!! LOL :)