Being Away from Family

I am working as an expat here in KL, far away from my family. I know nobody wants to be apart and be separated from their love ones. But for some reasons, sometimes it is necessary and we couldn't avoid the on-going situations. Economic crisis has the biggest impact and is one but a major reason of making people decide the hardest part of life, of being away from our family. Also, we decide to work abroad for the future of our child and to have a better life.

When we are away from our family, sometimes we will test us how strong we are in handling these situations. It’s like an adventure which needs inspiration, strength, trust, perseverance and determination. If you have these characteristics, then you’ll be able to overcome and you can pass all the temptations, trials and hindrances ahead as they must come on their way. Temptations are everywhere and no one is exempted. Don’t be tempted to this thing. These could cause you troubles and a massive damage in your relationship. Thinking all the possibilities and consequences that might happen and you’ll surprisingly realize of not falling from any temptations.

In this real world, most people have been fallen to such things even if there not away from their partners. How much more to those who are away from their family. I can say it’s really worst.

Try to focus yourself and aiming your goal why you're away from your partners and family. Understand the relativity of things and having those characteristics would surely help you to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with your partner. Communication is also important thing to ease the loneliness we felt.  Of course don’t forget to pray always for this is the key to success.

Just remember this song:

"Even though you're far apart, you're right beside me in my heart.
"Even though you're far away, you're right beside me day by day"

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