Adgitize is Closing?

I am about to do my round adgitizing when I saw Mr. Ken Brown's post in the forum entitled Adgitize to Close. I am quiet sad as adgitize has a big part on helping bloggers like me to generate traffic and make a new friends from adgitize.

It seems the owner has made the final decision and willing to pay all the remaining money and reimbursed all the existing advertiser's that expire later than January 1, 2012.

Thank you and good luck Mr. Ken Brown.

Celebrating Christmas in KL Again

This is my second time to celebrate Christmas here in KL. But it’s not the same feeling as my first Christmas here in Malaysia. The reason why is last Christmas I celebrated it together with my wife and my new born son. My mom also came to help us to take good care of my new born son and celebrate Christmas with us too.  This is one of my happiest moments in my life, though my father and my siblings are not with us.

Christmas 2010 with my family

Unlike this Christmas, I celebrated it without my family around. Though I am still blessed I have a lot of invites coming from my friends here in KL. So, I celebrated my Noche Buena with friends. Thanks to them as they make my Christmas special though I am still sad looking them together with their kids.

Christmas 2011 - Our Noche Buena

Christmas 2011 - Celebrating with my Friends

Christmas 2011 - With my friends

Modern technology was a big help to lessen my home sick as I can talk to my wife and see them celebrating Christmas using internet. I saw my son playing around and happy to open his gifts. Without the web chat and video call maybe I am crying out loud now. This is one of the burdens of an OFW working abroad that need to face it. We need to sacrifice for our family and for a better future.

Christmas here in Malaysia is quite simple since this is a muslim country unlike Christmas in Philippines which is mostly Christians. It’s up to us now how we celebrate it together with your friends and family and make it special.  

Merry Christmas to All!! God bless us!!

Christmas, Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!! Have a wonderful day this holiday season!!

Best Shooting Park in KL

Are you looking for a best shooting location in KL? Well, my group KL Pinoy Photography Group is usually took our shooting place at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Park. Why Titiwangsa Park? It is because these parks are free of charge :). Unlike parks in Philippines, you need to get your permit and pay for a fee which make me think why we need to pay for it? You can take photos whatever and wherever you want in this place. I mean, you can take a model shoot, prenup or for family shoots will do. You can also take the skyline of KL together with Petronas twin tower and Menara KL. 

KL view from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
You can also bring your family to enjoy the place. I usually bring my wife and son here and let them play in the playground and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. You can also take some food at mamak stalls, picnic tables and good comfort room are available for your convenience.

Playground at Titiwangsa Park
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa park is where John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso took some short film in KL, Malaysia on their famous movie in entitled “Miss you like crazy”. Petronas twin tower as their background to promote the popular icon of Malaysia, the tallest twin tower in the world.

Is it safe to shoot in Titiwangsa? For my 2 years stay here in KL and shooting our events in this park we don’t encounter such thing like theft or burglar. I think yes, it is safe to shoot here but still you need to keep your eye in your stuff especially our gadgets are not that cheap. I also saw a lot of prenuptial shooting held in this place. So if you shoot here expect that you will not be alone.

Why should give help for Sendong’s victims in Mindanao?

My home country now is in mourned due to Typhoon Sendong that hits the Southern part of the Philippines last Friday, December 17, 2011. Thousands of people died in a flashfloods and hundreds are still missing in the city of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Why should give help for Sendong’s victims in Mindanao? Actually we don't need to ask why just share and send some help for all the victims. This is for the family who is homeless and lost their possessions during the typhoon Sendong. Let’s share our love to the victims by send donations like old clothes, canned goods and toiletries. Many agencies are accepting donation in any kind like LBC, ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso Foundation and Red Cross, Philippines.

Most importantly let us offer our prayer for the victims and to the family who lost their love ones.

Treating Others with a Cheerful Heart

How do you treat your neighbours?

Surely, we desire to make others happy but unfortunately, some of us aren’t conscious about others. We just don’t even care about them. All we care is only ourselves which is not acceptable. Even some kids have treated their parents harshly and without respect. Is shouldn’t be like that. We should treat them well.

We need to receive kindly and amiably all who comes to us, whatever be their age and condition. Never cause anyone to go away from you pained or troubled instead bear yourself so that your visitors may depart happier and fuller of good will. Show kindness and respect particularly to the old. Listen with patience to the complaints and their stories told over and over again. And let's have more patience with the sick with usually are discontented and sensitive.

Don't be so strict as to what we call your rights. Other people have rights too. To be bent on always having your way is to be bent on introducing misunderstanding and disagreement, is to make yourself unhappy of your own free will.

Never ridicule anyone. To ridicule for a real defect is uncharitable. To do so for a supposed defect or one for which the person is not responsible, is unjust.

Therefore, treat others with a cheerful heart in order for you to have a peaceful life.


We should never expect more than they can give.

Most of us are not satisfied and contented of what we have. We want to have things that are popular and latest. We even drag our parents in order for us to own that kind of things without even considering and realizing the situation whether they can afford it or not. Too ambitious of material things could ruin us. We should be contented and never expect more.

Likewise, we must not seek for perfect love, perfect friendship, perfect peace and perfect dedication on this earth because perfection doesn't exist down here. It is useless to take a light and go looking for it and to be sorry not to find it. So also, it is useless to torment our neighbour when despite his good will he cannot perform miracles. But there's always a bright to everything. We ought to be satisfied with it and in practice in adopting the theory of the relativity of all things.

To be demanding is to be egoistic and proud because it means we want everything for ourselves and it isn't good. Let’s be contented and try to give some importance of what we have.

Relaxing While Working

We cannot be always working. As a normal person, we must have rest and need to relax for some time. Relaxation is not exclusively for our body, our mind and soul requires it as well.

Work is stimulating. Fatigue is a normal body signal. But over-fatigue is senseless and should be avoided. It could possibly lower one's ability to work efficiently. A short period of rest while performing a monotonous or lengthy task helps the body to get rid of the waste products through skin and lungs.

Often, one plans to do a full days of work and then to have rest period, but this is not the best plan because it takes the body so long to reach the point of relaxation. The human machine cannot remain at the same occupation 24 hours a day. So, cultivate the right attitude towards relaxation. A better method is to introduce short periods during the performance of the task. These short periods may be change of work such as writing a note, recording expenses or chatting with your colleagues. Also, the one way to relax is to get free content for your websites from Article Writing Services rather than working on them for hours. Regulate the amount of work tackled in an hour or a day. This means we should be conscious of how much time it takes us to do a job and how much we can accomplish without losing our good disposition at the end of the day.

Therefore, learn to relax as you work.