We should never expect more than they can give.

Most of us are not satisfied and contented of what we have. We want to have things that are popular and latest. We even drag our parents in order for us to own that kind of things without even considering and realizing the situation whether they can afford it or not. Too ambitious of material things could ruin us. We should be contented and never expect more.

Likewise, we must not seek for perfect love, perfect friendship, perfect peace and perfect dedication on this earth because perfection doesn't exist down here. It is useless to take a light and go looking for it and to be sorry not to find it. So also, it is useless to torment our neighbour when despite his good will he cannot perform miracles. But there's always a bright to everything. We ought to be satisfied with it and in practice in adopting the theory of the relativity of all things.

To be demanding is to be egoistic and proud because it means we want everything for ourselves and it isn't good. Let’s be contented and try to give some importance of what we have.

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