Celebrating Christmas in KL Again

This is my second time to celebrate Christmas here in KL. But it’s not the same feeling as my first Christmas here in Malaysia. The reason why is last Christmas I celebrated it together with my wife and my new born son. My mom also came to help us to take good care of my new born son and celebrate Christmas with us too.  This is one of my happiest moments in my life, though my father and my siblings are not with us.

Christmas 2010 with my family

Unlike this Christmas, I celebrated it without my family around. Though I am still blessed I have a lot of invites coming from my friends here in KL. So, I celebrated my Noche Buena with friends. Thanks to them as they make my Christmas special though I am still sad looking them together with their kids.

Christmas 2011 - Our Noche Buena

Christmas 2011 - Celebrating with my Friends

Christmas 2011 - With my friends

Modern technology was a big help to lessen my home sick as I can talk to my wife and see them celebrating Christmas using internet. I saw my son playing around and happy to open his gifts. Without the web chat and video call maybe I am crying out loud now. This is one of the burdens of an OFW working abroad that need to face it. We need to sacrifice for our family and for a better future.

Christmas here in Malaysia is quite simple since this is a muslim country unlike Christmas in Philippines which is mostly Christians. It’s up to us now how we celebrate it together with your friends and family and make it special.  

Merry Christmas to All!! God bless us!!


  1. Glad to know you had a special Christmas despite you being away from your wife and family. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Maricel... Happy New Year too..

  3. It is really hard to be away from our families. But in order to be able to provide, save and copu up with life we have to endure such hardships. Dont worry we know it is not in vain. All you hardwork will pay off.

    May you bless. Tc.

  4. awh. that's similar to us when we celebrate Eid here in the philippines. I mean, i was from Tawi-Tawi wherein mostly Muslims ang mga tao. Now, I am in Iligan to pursue my career where mostly Christians. So, similar lang sa akin. hehe

  5. Thanks Angela, Yes I know its all worth it!

  6. @ayah, alam ko parang Christmas din ung Eid.. Thanks for dropping by..

  7. yes no one can stop us to celebrate christmas wherever we are, Merry christmas to you and your family

  8. Thanks Crisair! Merry Christmas too..