Treating Others with a Cheerful Heart

How do you treat your neighbours?

Surely, we desire to make others happy but unfortunately, some of us aren’t conscious about others. We just don’t even care about them. All we care is only ourselves which is not acceptable. Even some kids have treated their parents harshly and without respect. Is shouldn’t be like that. We should treat them well.

We need to receive kindly and amiably all who comes to us, whatever be their age and condition. Never cause anyone to go away from you pained or troubled instead bear yourself so that your visitors may depart happier and fuller of good will. Show kindness and respect particularly to the old. Listen with patience to the complaints and their stories told over and over again. And let's have more patience with the sick with usually are discontented and sensitive.

Don't be so strict as to what we call your rights. Other people have rights too. To be bent on always having your way is to be bent on introducing misunderstanding and disagreement, is to make yourself unhappy of your own free will.

Never ridicule anyone. To ridicule for a real defect is uncharitable. To do so for a supposed defect or one for which the person is not responsible, is unjust.

Therefore, treat others with a cheerful heart in order for you to have a peaceful life.

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