Congratulations to our newly Architects!

Congratulations to our newly Architects! Goodluck to a new journey. God Bless us more!!

The Professional Regulation Commission has released the June 2011 Architecture board exam results as PRC 1,082 out of 2,054 passed the Architect Licensure Examination (ALE) given by the Board of Architecture headed by its Chairman, Arch. Armando N. Alli with two other members, Arch. Angeline T. Chua Chiaco and Arch. Marietta Bundalian Segovia. The examination was held in Manila this June 10 & 12, 2011.

Registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will start on Monday, June 27, 2011 but not later than Wednesday, July 13, 2011. Those who will register are required to bring the following: duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal, current Community Tax Certificate (cedula), 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag), 1 piece 1” x 1” picture (colored with white background and complete name tag), 2 sets of metered documentary stamps and 1 short brown envelope with name and profession; and to pay the Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2011-2014. Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.

The oath taking ceremony of the successful examinees in the said examination as well as the previous ones who have not taken their Oath of Professional will be held before the Board on Monday, July 25, 2011, at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila.

Registration for membership with the United Architects of the Philippines, Inc. (UAP-IAPOA) will be on the date of the oath taking.

June 2011 Architect board exam results:

How important are you?

The world is a pretty and wonderful place and it is more because you are in it. How important are you?

The answer will surprise you. There’s never been another one who is exactly like you. We are unique and no one else can ever do what you’re supposed to. So if you don’t get it done while you’re around in this world it won’t set done.

Maybe it isn’t scoring the winning goal. Maybe we don’t need to know the right answer every time. But it is being you in the right way as possible. It’s up to you to keep this world a pretty and wonderful place.

It won’t be hard if you just keep remembering God made you to be yourself, for His glory and that’s what you’re going to spend your life doing because you are a spark of divinity given to us in life as a preview of thing to come. In Eternity.

Forgive and Forget

“Nobody’s perfect” they said. We’re not always right but it is never too late to make up for a mistake.
Someone has hurt you. You are stunned and you can’t explain the reason for the offence. But wait a moment. Are you sure the action was meant to offend you? And suppose it was meant well? What the difference our judgement would make?

There’s nothing that is easy in terms of forgiveness, apologize and admit an error. Grudge, hatred and pride are the most common factor that makes people to be cruel, judgemental and all knows nothing about forgiveness. These things should be despise if we just admit that we are wrong. There would be no place for grudges nor boasting.

Forgetting someone who did something mistake to us is very hard. We can easy forgive but sometimes to forget it is another story. It also means that we are not truly and fully forgiving if were not forget the reason for your forgiveness. It is important if we gave our forgiveness we need to forget what happen just like nothing really happen.

To know how to acknowledge a personal mistake is a great success. So, cover up your wound with the soothing bandage of charitable forgiveness and forget it.

Work Abroad

I never think or even dream that I will work abroad like my father. My parents give us good education so we don’t need to go and work outside the country and make sacrifices in the future. They patiently work hard and make sure we will finish our study no matter what happen. But after I passed the board exam I decided to leave in exchange of dollars working abroad. In the reason of I want to help my family and also save for my future. I know that my mom is quite sad as her youngest in her eight children will leave him. I saw the tears fallen in my mom’s eyes when I started to go inside the airport that really broke my heart too.

Moving and going to another place most likely a scare yet interesting and exciting adventure in life. It needs a lot of adjustments and adaptation considering the people that you’re going to meet and the environment that you’re going to deal with. It’s like taking a risk in order to fit to a different situation. But all of us have a different ways adapting to a new environment and new circumstances. Respect others around you and treat them as you want them to treat you and everything goes smoothly and peacefully.

Dubai is the first city I been work to but after two years the global crisis hit our company and we are transfer to India for five months then later to KL. Now I had been working for almost two years here in Malaysia. Moving to another country is not easy as I thought, considering their religion, culture and traditions. But in a big picture, you will see how people respecting each other despite of all differences. Knowing nothing about everything is a challenge. Learning to be independent makes me proud and gives me more confident. Working outside the country has taught me a lot. I do my job well with integrity and to show to them that we are Filipino.

I bring change in my return. True, not only financially, but my physical, mental and spiritual life has been change. I became more independent now than before. I learned how to make friends even with different nationalities. Most importantly with conformed to my spiritual life, I met God, accept Him as my Lord and savior and have a personal relationship with Him.

Every year I take my vacation not because it’s my benefits to the company but of course, I want to see my family and my friends too. I am glad that I have this opportunity and I will not exchange it to anything. I love my family so much! Every time I am going back to the Philippines it’s always like a big reunion or fiesta in our house. I love to see their smile and how happy they are! I can’t buy it even on a big shopping mall in the world.

On my return, a lot of story I will bring to my family and friends. At taas noo kong sasabihin na tayo ay Filipino (in forehead height I will proudly tell that we are Filipino).

Flower Shop in KL Malaysia

Last month is the celebration of mother’s day around the world. Since my mom and my wife are not here in Malaysia and I can’t give them flowers personally. I also decided to give flowers in our church members who are mostly a mother. They are worthy to give those flowers as they sacrifices and dedication for family is truly amazing.

I try to search where I can buy cheap flower as the mother in congregation is around 30. I went to Petaling Street also know as Chinatown. I remember the last time I walk in this area I saw a flower shop so I am hopeful that I can get a flower in a cheap price.

Thanks to God, I found this store and they give me a very reasonable price. A lot of people coming to this store, they are one of the largest flower shop in Chinatown. They have a very nice location and easy to find.

Butik Bunga - Weng Hoa Flower Boutique
This store named Butik Bunga - Weng Hoa Flower Boutique . 

Thanks to the lady who entertain me and give what I want and of course for the discounted price.

Overcoming Myself

I really want to learn how to play guitar. This is one of my desires and every night I always pray to the Lord that gives me strength to continue. Even for sometimes my mind keeps telling me that don’t be trying hard. I just waste my time and it is very tiring. Your finger is hurting too. You need to stop or else you will be disappointed in the end. You don't have any talent! at’s what my mind keeps telling me almost every time I get the guitar to practice.

Now, how can I overcome my mind and myself? Can I overcome it?

Yes, I overcome it through prayer. Prayer is the answer. I always pray before I start and the end of my practice. This is the best weapon to overcome it. Because I know for God nothing is impossible.

Hillsong United Live in North America 2011

This will be the schedule of the live concert tour of Hillsong United in North America.

Monday, 13 June, 2011 Milwaukee, WS Bradley Center

Choose your Friends

True friends are God-given to people whom we can lean on, to trust on and always be there for us not to harm and ruin us but to support us.

I know that companions are one of the greatest influences in our lives. It is true that every normal human being has a desire to associate with others and finds genuine pleasure in exchanging ideas with friends. Young people today have a great deal of leisure so naturally, they seek friends with whom they may enjoy themselves. Perhaps, there is one in the group who tries to dominate the others. This influence should be avoided to have a smooth flow of friendship, without losing our dignity and integrity.

Sometimes, young people think they are strong enough to resist temptation. But unconsciously, we are being influenced. Our will weakened and soon we yield to the suggestions of the temper. No one could resist and avoid tempting situations unless we have the spirit and fear of God that will hinder us to do bad things.

Needless to say, let us resolve wisely to choose friend whose examples serve as a model of having morals.

Practice Makes Perfect

To learn how to play guitar is not easy as I thought. For 3 weeks now, I can only play 5 chords and with a two songs. And I’m still on process of learning. As everybody telling me that “practice makes perfect”. For now maybe I already try a song for hundred times but still it’s not enough and far from perfection.

Last Sunday, I ask my friend in church to teach me how to play guitar. I thanks God and she accept my invitation. We went to a park along with other three friends. She let me play the song I already know and she gave some comments and advices like strumming and right position of my finger to the string. She motivates me to continue and just be patient. I can’t learn it in an instant and I need to work hard to achieve my goal. I learn a lot from her. So all I need to do now is practice, practice and practice.