How important are you?

The world is a pretty and wonderful place and it is more because you are in it. How important are you?

The answer will surprise you. There’s never been another one who is exactly like you. We are unique and no one else can ever do what you’re supposed to. So if you don’t get it done while you’re around in this world it won’t set done.

Maybe it isn’t scoring the winning goal. Maybe we don’t need to know the right answer every time. But it is being you in the right way as possible. It’s up to you to keep this world a pretty and wonderful place.

It won’t be hard if you just keep remembering God made you to be yourself, for His glory and that’s what you’re going to spend your life doing because you are a spark of divinity given to us in life as a preview of thing to come. In Eternity.


  1. God gave me life so that I could live on earth.. with a purpose.. with a mission. And with that thought alone, I'd say I am pretty darn important. :)

  2. Each and everyone of us were put on this earth for a reason and a purpose. We are each important in the eyes of God and to mankind.

    I am important! You are important! God is great!

  3. Your right mama mia. We are important!

  4. Wow... I like your blog... Very inspiring! :)

    God bless you for making my day! :)