Forgive and Forget

“Nobody’s perfect” they said. We’re not always right but it is never too late to make up for a mistake.
Someone has hurt you. You are stunned and you can’t explain the reason for the offence. But wait a moment. Are you sure the action was meant to offend you? And suppose it was meant well? What the difference our judgement would make?

There’s nothing that is easy in terms of forgiveness, apologize and admit an error. Grudge, hatred and pride are the most common factor that makes people to be cruel, judgemental and all knows nothing about forgiveness. These things should be despise if we just admit that we are wrong. There would be no place for grudges nor boasting.

Forgetting someone who did something mistake to us is very hard. We can easy forgive but sometimes to forget it is another story. It also means that we are not truly and fully forgiving if were not forget the reason for your forgiveness. It is important if we gave our forgiveness we need to forget what happen just like nothing really happen.

To know how to acknowledge a personal mistake is a great success. So, cover up your wound with the soothing bandage of charitable forgiveness and forget it.


  1. Breach of trust could really bring about nasty feelings.. hurt, pain and even hostility. So it really is very hard to forgive.

    Personally, I am not the kind of person who holds a grudge. I could forgive a person who did a mistake.. but never will I forget. Maybe it's just paranoia.. or just the simple idea that I trust the person no more. I will forgive what he/she did... but I will never forget that he/she did that.

    Ganun lang siguro ako.. hehe.. Hindi ko kayang lumimot. :D

  2. Hi, it's good to be here again.
    Thanks for the comment.
    God bless!