Choose your Friends

True friends are God-given to people whom we can lean on, to trust on and always be there for us not to harm and ruin us but to support us.

I know that companions are one of the greatest influences in our lives. It is true that every normal human being has a desire to associate with others and finds genuine pleasure in exchanging ideas with friends. Young people today have a great deal of leisure so naturally, they seek friends with whom they may enjoy themselves. Perhaps, there is one in the group who tries to dominate the others. This influence should be avoided to have a smooth flow of friendship, without losing our dignity and integrity.

Sometimes, young people think they are strong enough to resist temptation. But unconsciously, we are being influenced. Our will weakened and soon we yield to the suggestions of the temper. No one could resist and avoid tempting situations unless we have the spirit and fear of God that will hinder us to do bad things.

Needless to say, let us resolve wisely to choose friend whose examples serve as a model of having morals.

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