Practice Makes Perfect

To learn how to play guitar is not easy as I thought. For 3 weeks now, I can only play 5 chords and with a two songs. And I’m still on process of learning. As everybody telling me that “practice makes perfect”. For now maybe I already try a song for hundred times but still it’s not enough and far from perfection.

Last Sunday, I ask my friend in church to teach me how to play guitar. I thanks God and she accept my invitation. We went to a park along with other three friends. She let me play the song I already know and she gave some comments and advices like strumming and right position of my finger to the string. She motivates me to continue and just be patient. I can’t learn it in an instant and I need to work hard to achieve my goal. I learn a lot from her. So all I need to do now is practice, practice and practice.

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