Singapore Getaway

Last May, we visited Singapore a part of my travel plan with my mom and sister who visited us here in KL. Even though my wife is 3 months pregnant she still insists to come with us. KL to Singapore is only 5 hours drive. We take Star Mart Express Bus which is located near Time Square or Imbi Monorail Station.

It’s 11pm when we depart from the terminal which is the last trip of the day. We arrive around 4am in the morning and met my cousin in terminal in Singapore. She can a little bit late and came in his apartment around 7am. We did not take Hotels as my cousin offer a room to accommodate us. We take a nap before we roam around Singapore.

We take a train going to Vivo mall and take our lunch there. Then we take a monorail from Vivo Mall to Sentosa Island. Sentosa is the place where there are a lot of joy rides, tourist attractions, especially the Merlion statue. We go around the place until 6pm in the evening. After that we get a promo ticket for Universal Studio at every 7pm to 9pm. After that we watch a show in Sentosa which is they called it “Songs of the Sea”. It was a nice show which last at least 20 minutes. After that we ate our dinner and went to Esplanade to take night photography with a long exposure technique, as my wife love to love photography too.

In the next day, we went to Bugis Street to buy some souvenir items. To me Bugis Street is look like Petaling Street in KL, Malaysia. You can buy a lot of stuff over there with a cheap price. We only have till 2pm to have this shopping as we are ticket going to KL is at 3pm. I know that my mom and my sister want to stay 1 or more days but they don’t want to disturb my cousin in her work.

Singapore is a very great place to go which you can relax and fun. Though we didn’t visit some popular places there like Orchard, Singapore zoo, Bird Park and other popular places (as we stay only for two days). We are hoping that we will visit it all in the next time.

First Flower Gift on her Birthday

This my first flower gift to my wife on her birthday.

First Flower Gift
It was a surprise gift. I bought the flowers early in the morning so when she wake up she find it beside her. But not the flowers I gave or the way I make it surprise but the smile in her face makes me so happy and proud the I am her husband.

I love you Bhe.

My Wife’s Pregnancy Check Up

What is the important in accompanying your wife in her pregnancy check-ups?

Well, as a I have my job and it is my first time to be dad it is hard to take time out during working hours to accompany my wife to her routine pregnancy check-ups. But I really try to skip in my work and apply for a leave to accompany her because for me it is very important.

There’s a lot of reason why it is important to accompany her. Like, I heard from my sister that some gynecologist is overly cautious and sometimes discourage your wife. Yes, some of them are like that, they usually warned you for the possible complication even they only concluding it. The result is, your wife may suffer hypertension and became more stressed after each visit. She needs you (dad) to comfort her in these moments. What if you are not there to comfort her?

Also, being present there I can easily clarify things to our doctor. Hearing directly from the doctor is a big difference from hearing it from your wife. I can ask some query if I need to. I can learn and understand things better to the pregnancy that we will going through with my wife. I can be prepared if there’s anything happen. I can remind my wife what the gynae told us if she forget about it. It becomes worse if I had not learnt from the many pregnancy check-ups and add to her worry by being worried to myself.

Accompany her every pregnancy check up makes my wife happy. Whether she admits it or not I’m sure it really means a lot to her. I show to her how much I care and for the development of our baby.

Dad to be, pregnancy check-ups are important and you should be there in the consultation room with your wife for as long as possible. There are a lot of reasons for you to go than not to go with her.

How to Help you Partner

The big day is getting near. How can I help my partner? Well, dads to be you don’t need to worry, just tell your partner that you are always there for her. Show him your full support and let her know that this pregnancy means so much to you as it is to her.

Give her some massage if she feels some back pain. Back pain is very normal during pregnancy. My wife feels back pain every night and every morning she woke up. The doctor says that her growing uterus and hormonal changes causes her back pain. Some massage can help her to overcome it. 

I always accompany her to her check up and attend prenatal check up. She can feel that she and your baby are more important to you. Help her to decorate the nursery and shop together for your upcoming baby needs.

Dads to be, we need to be sensitive to our wife's needs.

Bukit Bintang

One of the best shopping area in KL is the Bukit Bintang. It is Kuala Lumpur most retail belt that surrounds of many shopping malls, night markets bars, cafes or even the hawker-type eateries. I been here a lot of times but I am not aware that this is popular place for the tourist and even for the locals. This place is also known for Bintang walk.

If you love shopping this place is fit for you. My mom and my sister always go in this place to shop. Even there are a lot of people around the place. I can’t say it is cheap to shop but you will enjoy doing it if you are in this place. You can compare this Bukit Bintang in Araneta Center, Cubao in Philippines. People walked and walked all over the place even they’re not going to shop.

Bonding with my Baby

Dads to be, do we need to talk to our baby during our wife's pregnant? Well, yes, we need to talk to our baby even most articles I read are mostly encouraging mothers to talk to their baby. But we, dads to be, we can do the same. We don’t need to wait a longer time or after our baby’s birth. We can develop our bonding moments even before our baby is born. I believe that it all start in our wife’s womb. For dads and moms to be, talking and singing to your baby is a very effective way to have bonding moment to your baby.

In the fourth month of their development, our baby begins to hear a sound. In regular talking and singing to your baby, your voice will easily recognize when your child was born. Your voice will become so familiar to your baby. It can make your baby feel comfortable and secured whenever he hears that voice. 

The study also says that singing to your baby is better than talking while he is still in her mother’s womb. So dads to be, don’t just talk to you baby, sing it with love. Make a bonding moment with your wife and with your coming baby.

Photowalk at Lake Titiwangsa

The first official photo walk of the group KL Pinoy photography buff was held in Lake Titiwangsa. It is a small recreational park and lake around the area. This is also one of the best spot if you want to capture the landscape of Kuala Lumpur with the view of Menara KL, Petronas Twin Tower, and some buildings. The largest portable wheel in the world or so called “Eye of Malaysia” is located in this place before August 31, 2008.

You can take KL Monorail and stop by at Titiwangsa Station and from station take Bus #120 or you can walk about 10 to 15 minutes.