Bukit Bintang

One of the best shopping area in KL is the Bukit Bintang. It is Kuala Lumpur most retail belt that surrounds of many shopping malls, night markets bars, cafes or even the hawker-type eateries. I been here a lot of times but I am not aware that this is popular place for the tourist and even for the locals. This place is also known for Bintang walk.

If you love shopping this place is fit for you. My mom and my sister always go in this place to shop. Even there are a lot of people around the place. I can’t say it is cheap to shop but you will enjoy doing it if you are in this place. You can compare this Bukit Bintang in Araneta Center, Cubao in Philippines. People walked and walked all over the place even they’re not going to shop.

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