My Wife’s Pregnancy Check Up

What is the important in accompanying your wife in her pregnancy check-ups?

Well, as a I have my job and it is my first time to be dad it is hard to take time out during working hours to accompany my wife to her routine pregnancy check-ups. But I really try to skip in my work and apply for a leave to accompany her because for me it is very important.

There’s a lot of reason why it is important to accompany her. Like, I heard from my sister that some gynecologist is overly cautious and sometimes discourage your wife. Yes, some of them are like that, they usually warned you for the possible complication even they only concluding it. The result is, your wife may suffer hypertension and became more stressed after each visit. She needs you (dad) to comfort her in these moments. What if you are not there to comfort her?

Also, being present there I can easily clarify things to our doctor. Hearing directly from the doctor is a big difference from hearing it from your wife. I can ask some query if I need to. I can learn and understand things better to the pregnancy that we will going through with my wife. I can be prepared if there’s anything happen. I can remind my wife what the gynae told us if she forget about it. It becomes worse if I had not learnt from the many pregnancy check-ups and add to her worry by being worried to myself.

Accompany her every pregnancy check up makes my wife happy. Whether she admits it or not I’m sure it really means a lot to her. I show to her how much I care and for the development of our baby.

Dad to be, pregnancy check-ups are important and you should be there in the consultation room with your wife for as long as possible. There are a lot of reasons for you to go than not to go with her.


  1. that is just SWEET.. good luck!

  2. My husband should read your articles, thanks for sharing your journey...