Bonding with my Baby

Dads to be, do we need to talk to our baby during our wife's pregnant? Well, yes, we need to talk to our baby even most articles I read are mostly encouraging mothers to talk to their baby. But we, dads to be, we can do the same. We don’t need to wait a longer time or after our baby’s birth. We can develop our bonding moments even before our baby is born. I believe that it all start in our wife’s womb. For dads and moms to be, talking and singing to your baby is a very effective way to have bonding moment to your baby.

In the fourth month of their development, our baby begins to hear a sound. In regular talking and singing to your baby, your voice will easily recognize when your child was born. Your voice will become so familiar to your baby. It can make your baby feel comfortable and secured whenever he hears that voice. 

The study also says that singing to your baby is better than talking while he is still in her mother’s womb. So dads to be, don’t just talk to you baby, sing it with love. Make a bonding moment with your wife and with your coming baby.

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