Singapore Getaway

Last May, we visited Singapore a part of my travel plan with my mom and sister who visited us here in KL. Even though my wife is 3 months pregnant she still insists to come with us. KL to Singapore is only 5 hours drive. We take Star Mart Express Bus which is located near Time Square or Imbi Monorail Station.

It’s 11pm when we depart from the terminal which is the last trip of the day. We arrive around 4am in the morning and met my cousin in terminal in Singapore. She can a little bit late and came in his apartment around 7am. We did not take Hotels as my cousin offer a room to accommodate us. We take a nap before we roam around Singapore.

We take a train going to Vivo mall and take our lunch there. Then we take a monorail from Vivo Mall to Sentosa Island. Sentosa is the place where there are a lot of joy rides, tourist attractions, especially the Merlion statue. We go around the place until 6pm in the evening. After that we get a promo ticket for Universal Studio at every 7pm to 9pm. After that we watch a show in Sentosa which is they called it “Songs of the Sea”. It was a nice show which last at least 20 minutes. After that we ate our dinner and went to Esplanade to take night photography with a long exposure technique, as my wife love to love photography too.

In the next day, we went to Bugis Street to buy some souvenir items. To me Bugis Street is look like Petaling Street in KL, Malaysia. You can buy a lot of stuff over there with a cheap price. We only have till 2pm to have this shopping as we are ticket going to KL is at 3pm. I know that my mom and my sister want to stay 1 or more days but they don’t want to disturb my cousin in her work.

Singapore is a very great place to go which you can relax and fun. Though we didn’t visit some popular places there like Orchard, Singapore zoo, Bird Park and other popular places (as we stay only for two days). We are hoping that we will visit it all in the next time.

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