Show Your Generosity

I must say, only few of us has the heart of being generous and able t0 give happiness to others. As we've all witnessed that people nowadays are too greedy of everything most especially when it comes to money. They never set as a good example to others and to themselves as well.

It is well to do our duty but sometimes this is not enough for the happiness of others and our own. We must do our duty with joy, with eagerness and with love. We must not keep count of what we do, nor stop strictly at the exact limit of duty. We should learn to devote ourselves generously and put greediness away. Above all, when there is a question of fulfilling certain obligations of our state or position, by which we do good to our fellow men.

Let us learn to be always cheerful although our work is distasteful to us or is overwhelming us. After having worked hard, let us take care not to recall in conversation the pains we have taken, the fatigue that we have imposed to ourselves for it will please everyone; God, fellow humans and our own heart.

Good Manners Make You Loved

A group of college students boldly laughed at their professor and at a boy who's passing by. What kind of students are they? They even wanted to be considered mature and they wanted to be treated well. Those kinds of students have no discipline and good manners. They're supposed to be an example to others because they're educated and they know what good morals are? Application of good manners was not being applied. Their characters are uneducated and it's useless. But a person who has good manners and takes them wherever he goes - at home, at work, at social gatherings is always a man of virtue. He will find it very easy to make and to keep many friends. Everyone loves to associate with a well-mannered person.

It is not one's talent or ability or family's position in the social scale that makes us lovable and popular. Well-mannered person are those who are kind, friendly, respectful, courteous, agreeable, patient, civil and generous.

So, do you have at least one of these characteristics of a well-mannered person? We better examine ourselves first and apply these manners to have a good relationship to others.

Your Baby’s Naptime

Some baby is not napping very well during their first few months they born. You may need to make a try to cut back on the moment she is awake by 15 minute increments. If your baby is getting over stimulated, then she will fight sleep and be hard to get to sleep. The way to avoid this is to observe him “sleepy” cues to make sure that you lay her down when he is beginning to get sleepy.

Some parents consider that letting their youngster cry will spoil him or her. 15 or 20 minutes of crying will not harm your child physically or mentally. Babies will learn to self-soothe and fall asleep by their own, but only if you let her. It is very important that babies will find out to fall asleep by their own so that they know how to self-soothe if they awake during nighttime. Otherwise, you may have a kid that will not sleep through the night for years.

Love Yourself

How improving health habits can help.

Every gym has this guy - you know, the guy staring intensely at his reflection in the mirror as he curls the olympic bar with 45 pound plates on both ends. You are impressed for a second, until you see how skinny his legs are, how much he is straining his lower back, and how flabby his chest looks (not to mention the orange skin and bleach-blonde hair). What can you learn from this image? That fitness is about loving yourself, and loving yourself is about overall health, not just narcissism and big guns. 

There are six major components of fitness: strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power, and muscle endurance. In order to really love your body and actually feel good from hitting weights at the gym, you need to have the flexibility to work the weights through the full range of motion without straining your muscles. Without the proper cardiovascular, agility, and power fitness levels, you may end up sitting on the weight bench more than you are actually performing those power cleans. The bottom line is that, unlike Mr. Biceps above, real fitness revolves around balancing these components of fitness. Loving your body involves balancing fitness needs, such as power and flexibility. 

There are two key aspects to maintaining requisite fitness levels for all components. First, a healthy diet is necessary. This does not mean that you eat 500 grams of protein a day (hint hint Mr. Biceps), but rather, that you eat fresh, raw foods, Again, balance is the name of the game, and a proper balance will require nutrients not found in steak, e.g., folic acid in spinach (Pop-Eye notwithstanding).

Second, a fitness guru who loves themself will know themselves; an athlete that has a healthy sports mindset, i.e., I want to exercise in order to feel good, and will not attempt a 315 pound bench press in order to feel macho or impress everyone watching. An athlete who loves themself will be satisfied with repping around %80 percent of their body weight, 3 sets of 10 (and they will look and feel better as a result). 

Controlling Our Mind and Thoughts

It often happens that we struggle controlling our mind and thoughts. We bring troubles and annoyances upon ourselves and fall into many faults just through lack of reflection.

Sometimes we're too harsh to others. We decide some matter too quickly. We even produce too quickly a bitter word. We follow the counsel of passion and self-love and we even open too quickly a certain book and so on. We ought to ask ourselves first. Is what I'm gonna do praiseworthy, useful or even allowed? What will be the consequences of it? A moment of realization would be enough many times to open our eyes and would prevent acts that we are bound to regret.

Let us learn to master our natural eagerness and let us observe this rule faithfully if we could spare ourselves many little miseries and sometimes even very great ones.

Needless to say, use your mind with a good purpose to have a peaceful environment and a good life. And it is our intellectual power in our everyday living.

New Year's Fireworks in KL 2012

Happy new year!! Welcome 2012!!

Well, well! Sad to say I got only 1 photo with the fireworks in KL. It's really sad that we came late and our position to take a shot is not good. Even I take some videos of it for a short while the result is not that great also.

This is my second year to celebrate new year in KL but still don't have a very good shot of Petronas Tower with the fireworks around. How sad...

Here's my new year shot...

Fireworks in KL
Though Malaysia's fireworks are simple yet it's nice to see those fireworks flying in the sky. I hope next new year's countdown this year 2013 I can get a best shot of those fireworks.

Healthy Living Strategies

Your best bet for a healthier and happier you.??

Humans will always be aware of how they feel. It affects every aspect of life, whether it is how you view yourself, how you treat others, or how you are able to cope with or capitalize on whatever life throws in your path. Generally, feeling good is preferable to feeling sad (unless you are in the mood for a good cry – we suggest a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while viewing The Notebook). Being healthy makes people feel good; as such, creating a comprehensive strategy for healthy living is a great idea. You will feel better that way (and so will everyone around you).

Take care of your body.

A major step towards any comprehensive plan for health is to take care of your body. Caring for your body involves three main aspects: rest, exercise, and diet, which includes drinking water. Most people need at least eight hours of sleep per night, but some people need even more. Pay attention to your body and your performance throughout the day based on how much sleep you got the night before. Physical exercise is a must for any healthy lifestyle. Exercise releases a natural high through endorphines in your brain, not to mention it will help shed those extra pounds which slow you down and sap your confidence. Part of losing those extra pounds will include a proper diet. However, a healthy diet is not only good for looking great, but also feeling great. By eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water, all of your body functions - including your nervous system, joints, and mental health - will improve. 

Take care of your mind. 

Another major aspect of a strategy for healthy living necessarily includes methods for mental decompression. Stress relief can take the form of exercise, but not necessarily so. Some people prefer a run in nature or a recreational basketball game; others, watching movies or crocheting with friends. Whatever it is, mental decompression is a fantastic way to supplement taking care of your body, and healthy living overall.

Walking is Helping

Almost every day I walked from our apartment to our office. It’s about 20 minutes walked from there. II guess, walking has a big part for a healthy life style. I used to do that for almost a year now and I can say I am most energetic now than before.

Did you know what really motivates me to do walking instead of taking a taxi?  Last year I saw one article in a news paper about the benefits of walking and how much walk do we need for a day. It’s says that we need at least 10,000 steps or a one hour daily routine. This is good for our heart and a lot of benefits to our body.

Since I have my kids, now I consider doing a healthy habit so I still have energy to play with them.  I don’t want to tell them that I am tired because of my unhealthy living life. Walking is a really good start a day. 


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