Good Manners Make You Loved

A group of college students boldly laughed at their professor and at a boy who's passing by. What kind of students are they? They even wanted to be considered mature and they wanted to be treated well. Those kinds of students have no discipline and good manners. They're supposed to be an example to others because they're educated and they know what good morals are? Application of good manners was not being applied. Their characters are uneducated and it's useless. But a person who has good manners and takes them wherever he goes - at home, at work, at social gatherings is always a man of virtue. He will find it very easy to make and to keep many friends. Everyone loves to associate with a well-mannered person.

It is not one's talent or ability or family's position in the social scale that makes us lovable and popular. Well-mannered person are those who are kind, friendly, respectful, courteous, agreeable, patient, civil and generous.

So, do you have at least one of these characteristics of a well-mannered person? We better examine ourselves first and apply these manners to have a good relationship to others.

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