Show Your Generosity

I must say, only few of us has the heart of being generous and able t0 give happiness to others. As we've all witnessed that people nowadays are too greedy of everything most especially when it comes to money. They never set as a good example to others and to themselves as well.

It is well to do our duty but sometimes this is not enough for the happiness of others and our own. We must do our duty with joy, with eagerness and with love. We must not keep count of what we do, nor stop strictly at the exact limit of duty. We should learn to devote ourselves generously and put greediness away. Above all, when there is a question of fulfilling certain obligations of our state or position, by which we do good to our fellow men.

Let us learn to be always cheerful although our work is distasteful to us or is overwhelming us. After having worked hard, let us take care not to recall in conversation the pains we have taken, the fatigue that we have imposed to ourselves for it will please everyone; God, fellow humans and our own heart.


  1. yes people are becoming selfish and very few now a days give happiness to others.

  2. Hi there! Well said you know. It's true that very few are generous. One of the reasons maybe is that life is hard. That's what I hear other people say, "Why should I give away something I worked hard for?"

    On the contrary, I'm being generous to you right now :D because I've given you The Versatile Blogger award. Come check it out at Geca's Realm


  3. good night my friend.. keep in touch..

  4. nice post kabayan. visiting again from Bicol.