Joining the Share a Dream and Win Contest

Hi guys, I just want to share this contest named “share a dream and win” by Roy of Field of Dreams. On August 2, 2011, He will give away a $50 via Paypal to one of his dreamy blog subscribers… maybe it will be you or me.

This is how to join the contest. Subscribe to his blog. Then type your dream in a comment section below the post.

There are ways to increase your chances of winning. You can also submit up to five additional entries by:

Zapp Family in Kl

Zapp family is traveling around the world with 1928 vintage car. They are traveling around the world about 11 years now.

Yesterday, I saw their car parked in our apartment and find it an opportunity to take photos. I rush to our unit to get my camera and take advantage of it. I thought nobody is around but when I am near the car, I saw Mr. Herman who preparing his car for their next destination in Malaysia which according to him they will go to Penang in the next day. He greeted us with my friend and has a short conversation. He tells me that he went to Philippines many times and visits many places in the country. He knows Iloilo, Ilocos, Cebu, some part of Mindanao and of course the popular Boracay.


Two simple little words we like to hear directed towards us, but at the same two little words seem to gag us when we should direct them towards others.

Everyday in our lives we have dozens of opportunities to use these words. These two, hard to say words are simply "Thank You", an appreciation for something good. You can say and hear this at work, at home, school, church etc. Saying "thank you" to someone with sincerity is an out-pouring feeling that even the receiver will proudly say "you are most welcome".

Using Revit

Just sharing about what I do now. Well, actually I design shelter to live. In the past 7 years of my experience I only used autocadd and 3d max software. I can say that Revit is also nice to learn.

Here’s my first ever trial 3d model.

The Reason I Live

Everyone has several reasons why we should continue living in this temporary place of ours. For others, literally it’s because of their family, particularly for their children, wife, husband, parents, siblings and friends. For some reasons, it’s true and also a reliable one. As a human being, we have this fear inside of us that one day we’ll be gone and there’s no way to escape and coming back. Some patients are fighting for their lives in order to live for their family and love ones. But sometimes we have to accept the reality though it’s really hard to admit and accept that it’s really happen.

Spiritually, the top on my list is the everlasting God of all. He’s my reason to live and the reason that I live. I love my family so much but God is my life. He’s the one who gave me air to breath. He gave me the opportunity to live to show the world how amazing His creation are and continue doing His works. God gave us our missions to this world.

Do everything to please God for He is the reason to live…

Power of a Smile

Who can tell the power of a smile?

A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters, business and it even strengthens relationships. Let it cannot be bought, borrowed, begged or stolen for it is something that is of no earthly good to anybody till it is given away. So you are free to spread your smile to those around you. And it’s a big pleasure to do that, provided that they are sincere.

A single smile can bring new life, hope and courage to those who are discouraged and despair. It beautifies your face and even preserves your soul. For us, it is the hallmark of kindness and patience. And for other, I would say that it is a source of joy, contentment, satisfaction and encouragement. Without saying a single word, we can inspire others with pleasurable confidence if we approach them with sincere smile on our face and can put them at the ease as well. A smile is worthwhile because it keeps you in good humour.

So, cultivate the smiling habit and soon you will be doing naturally. Use the mirror while you the developing that God-like smile. Let all enjoy the beauty and inspiring cheer of you smiling face, go out and radiate your smile.

Keep smiling world.

Supporting PEBA Project NealShai

After reading this story about Filipina caregiver who really needs our help, support and love. I didn't hesitate to repost this article as for this simple post means a lot to her and for her family.

NealShai, from Sharon Flores Facebook account, a jargon name of her 9 years old son and her name.

She was a caregiver in Haifa, Israel.

She is 32 years old single mom, and is working for 5 years as caregiver in Haifa. For more than one month, she had been hospitalized, and her friends and family learned from the doctor taking care of her, that she needs immediate medication and treatment for stomach cancer.Her friends had been persistently asking the support of the embassy in Israel to repatriate Sharon so she can spend most of her remaining days with her son. The embassy said they can't help her because she was UNDOCUMENTED after her employer died of old age, and she decided to stay even without documents so she can support her son and family.

Supporting Puerto Princesa, Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the place to visit in the Philippines. It is located about 50km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. A popular underground river of the place has been nominated as one of the New Seven Wonder of Nature. A unique characteristic of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The underground river is reputed to be the worlds longest. You will find at the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon that is framed by ancient trees rising near to the water's edge. Some monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their place on the beach near the cave.

Please VOTE to ensure that the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) is proclaimed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature by clicking the link HERE.