Two simple little words we like to hear directed towards us, but at the same two little words seem to gag us when we should direct them towards others.

Everyday in our lives we have dozens of opportunities to use these words. These two, hard to say words are simply "Thank You", an appreciation for something good. You can say and hear this at work, at home, school, church etc. Saying "thank you" to someone with sincerity is an out-pouring feeling that even the receiver will proudly say "you are most welcome".

Most of us when our sincere heart would addressed these words to God, we can feel contentment and satisfaction to ourselves. “Thank You " will bring more and more God's blessings to our homes and to us. Self-centered people are useless of saying these words because they don’t mean it, they just say it.

Be grateful and thankful to those who are good to you. Say thank you and mean it.


  1. Two simple words, but with great impact.. when uttered with sincerity. :) Thank you..

  2. your are most welcome... :)