The Reason I Live

Everyone has several reasons why we should continue living in this temporary place of ours. For others, literally it’s because of their family, particularly for their children, wife, husband, parents, siblings and friends. For some reasons, it’s true and also a reliable one. As a human being, we have this fear inside of us that one day we’ll be gone and there’s no way to escape and coming back. Some patients are fighting for their lives in order to live for their family and love ones. But sometimes we have to accept the reality though it’s really hard to admit and accept that it’s really happen.

Spiritually, the top on my list is the everlasting God of all. He’s my reason to live and the reason that I live. I love my family so much but God is my life. He’s the one who gave me air to breath. He gave me the opportunity to live to show the world how amazing His creation are and continue doing His works. God gave us our missions to this world.

Do everything to please God for He is the reason to live…


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    yah r u ryt at ur blog god is always r strength & reason why we are here

  2. Very well said. we have the same thought.