Zapp Family in Kl

Zapp family is traveling around the world with 1928 vintage car. They are traveling around the world about 11 years now.

Yesterday, I saw their car parked in our apartment and find it an opportunity to take photos. I rush to our unit to get my camera and take advantage of it. I thought nobody is around but when I am near the car, I saw Mr. Herman who preparing his car for their next destination in Malaysia which according to him they will go to Penang in the next day. He greeted us with my friend and has a short conversation. He tells me that he went to Philippines many times and visits many places in the country. He knows Iloilo, Ilocos, Cebu, some part of Mindanao and of course the popular Boracay.

After that I ask permission if I can take some pictures of his 1928 vintage car. And before I go I also take an opportunity to take some photos with him. In that time his family is resting for their next trip so I didn’t see them.

Here are the photos. 

Zapp Family Vintage Car

With Mr. Herman