Essence of life

Do you live your life to the fullest?

Life is a precious gift from God that can be treasured if we know how to deal with it. God wants us to make the best out of it. All we need to do is to improve and develop it with dignity. We should know what our purpose in life is.

Let’s not forget to practice our principles and have morals. Let’s develop that habit of pleasant conversation. Getting the habit of cheerfulness is such an interesting one. Also, we need to cultivate the ability to find constant enjoyment in the common things. And it’s better for us to keep ourselves responsive to simple things because they are always at hand.

Living each day is a challenge. Problems is the major and a common situation that everybody facing every day. It’s unavoidable machine that pushes us to solve. But let’s meet our problems with decisions. We cannot always be right. Do not keep milling and turning every little problem over and over. And instead of counting your grief, count your blessings and you’ll feel a lot better. It only differs on how to deal with it.

Thus, live the present moment and it is the only time to live for a satisfactory future and the future will then to be as good as the present.

How to extend Visit Pass in Malaysia

My brother visit here in KL last month for a long holiday vacation. But since he holds a Philippine passport, he only got 30 days to stay here in Malaysia. He wants to stay more so he can stay with me for much time before going back again to Middle East where he is currently working. We decided to go to Malaysian Immigration to check on how to extend the number of days for his stay. Luckily, we get the extension in the same day and easy as I thought.

So how to extend a visit pass in Malaysia?
  • Go to Malaysian Immigration at Putrajaya
  • Go to the Visit Pass, Social Visit Pass Division
  • Fill out the Application Form for Visit Pass Extension. The form is available at the counter or you can also download it directly from their website. Get a number.
  • Fill up the form and ready the supported documents such as original and photocopy of your passport, confirmed return ticket and other supporting documents if any.
  • Submit it to the designated officer assigned once your number has been called. And wait again for your name for the release.
You have to pay 100 RM (1400PHP or 35USD) for the visa extension. Expect for a long line and be sure you have complete documents.

Playing Guitar

To learn on how to play a guitar is one of my goals this year. I already borrow a guitar to my church-mate and eventually she will also teach me.
Right now I am depending only in online tutorials on how to play guitar. Basic is really important for a beginner like me. Since I am surrounded of people who don’t know how to play guitar this online site is really a big help.

In time like this, I really miss my sister and brother who know how to play a guitar. Now I already understand how important a family and friends if you are working overseas. I need to be independent in everything now.

I am a Pro

I am a professional photographer. Yes… In my dreams! Actually I’m only a beginner and amateur. I hope someday I can shoot like a pro. Now, I really had a hard time to study photography. I always view the works of one of the best photographer Manny Librodo. I really like all of his works and thanks to tutorials he wrote in his website.

Last week, KLpinoy Photography buffs had a session with a concept we call it “Librodized”. The concept is to shoot with the concept of some Manny’s works. With his permission of Jay who organize this events. This is the third photo shoot of KL Pinoy Photography Buffs Group.

Jay groups us into two as we are 10 attendees. So we are not so crowded in one model. Luckily, one of the photographers came along with another model. Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to exchange models as the heavy rain starts in the middle of the shoot till the night comes.

Photos to be follow to my next blog.

Wesak Day in Malaysia

Today I am celebrating the Wesak day here in Malaysia. This is my second time to celebrate this holiday. It means I am almost 2 years now here in KL.

Wesak day is very meaningful for the Buddhists, this is considered as the holiest day in the Buddhists calendar. Wesak day was annual national holiday here in Malaysia. Wesak day is one of the major festivals in Malaysia. Usually they celebrate at Vihara Temple at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Before sunrise the devotee will gather at the temple to meditate and candlelight procession in the evening. Traditionally the night is devoted in meditating, chanting and praying to their Lord Buddha.

Wesak day commemorates three important events in the life of the Buddha - his birth, enlightenment and his achievement of Nirvana.

Happy Holiday!!

Hillsong United Live in Manila June 2011

This coming June 2, 2011, the popular Chiristian band is coming back live in Manila. Promoting Hillsong United on their latest album "Aftermath".  This will be the part of their Asian Tour this year 2011. It will be held at Araneta Coliseum.

Get your tiket now. Available from:
UPPER B - P500
UPPER A - P800
PATRON - P1500
VIP -  P1800

Asian Tour Schedule
Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia Istora Senayan Jakarta

Thursday, 2 June, 2011 Manila, Philippines Araneta Coliseum

Monday, 6 June, 2011 Seoul, South Korea Veldrome Outdoor Stadium at Jamsil Olympic Park

Wednesday, 8 June, 2011 Bangkok, Thailand Thammasart Rungsit University Convention Center

For more Information Please Visit

Salamat Ma

Salamat Mama

Salamat Ma sa buhay na iyong ibinigay
Salamat sa pag aalaga sa aming walo
Salamat sa pagtuturo kung paano mabuhay
Kung paano harapin ang bukas

Tinuruan kung paano bumasa at sumulat
Kung paano maglaro
Kung ano ang tama at mali
At kung paano magmahal

Salamat sa bawat oras na ikaw ay nandyan
Sa masasarap na handa tuwing kaarawan,
Sa bawat pagtatapos ng pag aaral
Nan dyan ka pa rin para sumuporta

Noong kinder
High School
At Kolehiyo ay nandyan ka sa aming tabi

Maging noong aking oataking,
Salamat po….
At sa masasarap na handa
Na talagang iyong pinaghirapan

Na maging sa aking pag alis
Para mag punta sa ibang bansa
Noong kami ay nag asawa
At dumating ang munting anghel

Patuloy pa rin ang iyong pagiging ina
At pagmamahal na hangang sa iyong apo
At sa buong pamilya
Maraming salamat po Mama

Happy Mother’s Day!!

We love you!

Baby Z 5th Month

This May my baby Z celebrate his 5th month. Though I’m not with him to celebrate I know that someday I will. This is the disadvantage of working as an OFW, you earn much but you need to sacrifice though.

Here is the picture of Baby Z in his 5th month. Pictures are taken by my wife from Photocraft.

Baby Z development in his 5th month will find here.

Central Market and New Kasturi Walk

Last Sunday before I went to church, I decided to visit the new Kasturi Walk, KL-Malaysia. I heard that it was re-opened to the public last February 11, 2011 after a month of general renovation of the place. I want to see the development of the place so I come there with my DSLR.
Front View of Kasturi Covered Walk