I am a Pro

I am a professional photographer. Yes… In my dreams! Actually I’m only a beginner and amateur. I hope someday I can shoot like a pro. Now, I really had a hard time to study photography. I always view the works of one of the best photographer Manny Librodo. I really like all of his works and thanks to tutorials he wrote in his website.

Last week, KLpinoy Photography buffs had a session with a concept we call it “Librodized”. The concept is to shoot with the concept of some Manny’s works. With his permission of Jay who organize this events. This is the third photo shoot of KL Pinoy Photography Buffs Group.

Jay groups us into two as we are 10 attendees. So we are not so crowded in one model. Luckily, one of the photographers came along with another model. Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to exchange models as the heavy rain starts in the middle of the shoot till the night comes.

Photos to be follow to my next blog.

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