PBA Philippine Cup 2011-2012 Line up

For those who are basketball fanatic especially for our own Philippine League PBA, here's  the  PBA Philippine Cup 2011-2012 Line Team Line up!

When is the Right Time to get Married?

Last week, my college friends get married with her long time girlfriend for about 10 years. Yes, 10 years in the making. They are stable enough physically, financially, spiritually and with the right age to get married. Actually, there are no rules or law to get married for a young age but it is important that you are matured enough to face it. Sometimes people who get married for a young age didn’t realize the depth and beauty of parenthood until they experienced it.

"So, when is the right time to get married?"

For me, getting married is not only a physical operation, but also and above all, a spiritual one. We are looking forward to being with our loved-one completely and to sharing every little detail of our life. But we need to be more mature enough, of being capable of handling various kinds of situations well, doing one's responsibility as a partner and above all, fear of God. In the same way, it’s already a clear and expected situation that there will be problems, trials, annoyances and difficulties ahead that needs to be solved. The vocation of marriage is a full-time job. There will be no excuse for everything. So, if you think you’re not capable of doing these, stop thinking of getting married for the sake of everybody.

To enter marriage with the right attitude is also important. It shouldn’t be a case of marriage versus career or a marriage and a career but it is the case of marriage as a career. And at the same time, it is the fullest, most satisfying and most rewarding career of ally.

Why, oh why?

Every day we eat, drink, talk, hear a voice, and see every single thing. And one time I ask myself why do we need to eat? Why do we speak? Why do we need to hear? And why do we see? We usually consider these questions as the simplest question to answer but these would help us to understand more if we know the importance of it.

We eat to live not to satisfy the whims of a fanciful taste. Therefore, eat to live and not live to eat.

We have speech for a beautiful purpose, to be able to say noble words. Why degrade such a wonderful gift by vulgar and rubbish words? We should control our tongue to utter words because one word can change a situation.

We hear to be able to appreciate all the most amazing harmonies the world holds, the music of the breeze, and the song of the birds and the verbal teaching of God. Hear these and not what is low and vile.

We see in order to acknowledge the Master who creates the beauty of the woods and fields, the harmony of sky and waves, the blending of night and day etc.

Most of us had fallen into wrong perceptions about this matter. We must be cautious in understanding things. Needless to say, with such a glorious privilege, see nothing that could offend to our Creator. Learn to appreciate things.

A Place Like Home

Home describes and represents everything. It is the place where characters are frequently shows its repellent side, its defects and deficiencies. It is the refuge of the worn, the weary and the aged. It is the place where the many physical needs and ills of the human body most frequently come to the front and these things do not make for amiability.

It is also a place where in our parents nurtured us to have good values that kindness and patience, gentleness and charity are most in demand and should be most practiced by consideration for others, readiness to make allowances, showiness to see faults and take offense and willingness to overlook an excuse.

What is it that secures happiness in a home?

Let God's spirit be with the whole house to have a harmonious relationship with each family member. Having the spirit of sacrifice is important as well. We must give up our own personal tastes to conform to the tastes of others. Flexibility of character is valuable. We shouldn’t be hard to deal with, touchy or even proud. Not to grow impatient about things but to have a large mind and a generous heart.

Few things are more essential to the peace and happiness of the home. It is the spirit of give and take. It plays an important part of our daily life that without it the other home virtues cannot flourish in the family circle.