Why, oh why?

Every day we eat, drink, talk, hear a voice, and see every single thing. And one time I ask myself why do we need to eat? Why do we speak? Why do we need to hear? And why do we see? We usually consider these questions as the simplest question to answer but these would help us to understand more if we know the importance of it.

We eat to live not to satisfy the whims of a fanciful taste. Therefore, eat to live and not live to eat.

We have speech for a beautiful purpose, to be able to say noble words. Why degrade such a wonderful gift by vulgar and rubbish words? We should control our tongue to utter words because one word can change a situation.

We hear to be able to appreciate all the most amazing harmonies the world holds, the music of the breeze, and the song of the birds and the verbal teaching of God. Hear these and not what is low and vile.

We see in order to acknowledge the Master who creates the beauty of the woods and fields, the harmony of sky and waves, the blending of night and day etc.

Most of us had fallen into wrong perceptions about this matter. We must be cautious in understanding things. Needless to say, with such a glorious privilege, see nothing that could offend to our Creator. Learn to appreciate things.

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